Best Combination Sump Pump 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: January 01, 2021

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Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded

Superior Pump 92900

PumpSpy PS2000 with WiFi

Anyone that has a basement and lives in a temperate climate needs to have the best combination sump pump installed. During heavy rains or spring thaws your basement can easily flood out thanks to the additional water moving through the local water table

Best Combination Sump Pump Reviews 2021

A home built with abasement in the last century generally has a sump pump installed in the basement already to meet local ordinances.

The question is, does your basement have the better combination sump pump that meets your needs? Protecting your home’s basement from water or flood damage is critical to preserving your long term investment, and this is one of those necessary appliances that needs to work in any circumstance.

Many homeowners are also very interested in smart appliances they can monitor even when they are away from home, and a smart sump pump may be a good fit if you travel frequently and want to ensure that your basement is flooding out if there is poor weather at home.

Let’s take a look at the top recommended combination sump pump reviews, as well as some tips for upgrading or replacing your existing sump pump.

  • We’ve also presented a helpful buying guide to realize the features. You shouldn’t skip out on and those that are just overkill. Let’s get started!

Selecting the Best Combination Sump Pumps in January, 2021






1. Wayne WSS30V Upgraded

(Editor’s Choice)

3 Year Manufacturer

12 volts

Top Picks

2. Superior Pump 92900

1 Year Limited Warranty

120 volts

3. PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi

(Editor’s Choice)

1 Year Limited Warranty

120 volts

4. Liberty Pumps PC457

2 Year Limited Warranty

115 volts

5. Basement Watchdog BW4000

2 Year Limited Warranty

100 volts

Top 5 Combination Sump Pumps - In Depth Reviewed

1. Wayne WSS30V Upgraded Combination Review

Already pre assembled and ready to drop into place, the Wayne WSS30V is an ideal combination sump pump that functions on the standard 110V AC power in your home.

Need to stay ahead of rising water? This model has a flow rate of 2500 gallons-per-hour (GPH)at 0 feet of head, allowing you to shift a significant amount of water quickly even if the pump isn’t primed. 

Like all combination pumps, the WSS30V also has a 12V battery backup, so your pump will continue to keep the water level from rising in your basement during a power outage.

This is a critical feature, especially if you live in an area where heavy\ summer thunderstorms and flash floods are common. All in all, it’s a great combination sump pump sufficient for most medium to large floor plan basements.


  • AC power with battery backup
  • 2500 GPH flow rate
  • Ultra-quiet operation


  • Requires a medium to large sized pit to operate effectively

2. Superior Battery Back Up Submersible Sump Pump Review

Some assembly is required for this fully submersible sump pump, but it definitely makes up for the added work with a significantly more alternative cost to value ratio.

It’s not designed to be a primary pump, but does an excellent job of taking over for your primary sump pump in the event of a power failure.

With a flow capacity of 1380 gallons per hour, this backup unit can keep your finished basement dry and prevent expensive water damage. Keeping your basement dry also helps prevent the formation of mold, mildew and other long term problems that are both costly and time consuming to fix.

 While it’s not meant for full time use, the Superior Pump 92900 is an excellent battery powered backup that will provide you with excellent service for years to come.


  • Tough thermoplastic construction means it will remain durable and leak free for years
  • All inputs and outputs are pre configured for standard pipes and hoses
  • Includes 12V backup battery to keep your pump going even when the power is out.


  • Not designed to be a full time sump pump
  • Only good for draining pits in small to medium sized basements

3. PumpSpy WiFi Battery Backup Sump Pump Review

Want that complete solution for keeping water out of your basement? The PumpSpy PS2000 has everything you need to regulate and check your sump pump remotely from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection.

The integrated monitoring unit connects to your home WiFi and local mobile phone towers, making it accessible via your computer or mobile device. 

You can check the water level, test the pump efficiency, and even set timers or change the depth alert that activates the pump to keep excess water from overflowing your basement without wasting energy.

The PS2000 also has its own battery backup system, allowing it to operate automatically even when the power is out. If it’s raining hard outside and your power gets knocked out, the PS2000 keeps on running until power is restored.

The pump also has a maximum flow rate of up to 3,000 GPH, making it ideal for medium to large floor plan finished basements. If you want the most for your money, the PS2000 definitely offers superior performance and features.


  • Smart sensors with wireless internet connectivity
  • Remotely controlled via internet connection from a mobile device or computer
  • Battery backup for operation during a power failure.


  • More features means more money, and this model is a bit more expensive than comparable models

4. Liberty Sump Pump Combo Review

For those homeowners seeking a combination sump pump that could potentially survive the apocalypse, the Liberty Pumps PC457-441 is the one for you. It is a primary pump with a battery backup built using the strongest, highest quality materials available.

The motor cranks out an impressive ½ horsepower, and it comes standard with a 5-stage backup battery charging system to preserve your battery as long as possible. 

The main pump output has a discharge head of 33-foot, and the backup pump has a similarly impressive 23-foot capacity. Regardless of whether you have power, you can easily clear excess water from your basement in no time thanks to the powerful motor and impressive discharge pressure.

It may not have fancy monitoring features and remote access, but it is an outstanding performer in every way. This pump is in it for the long haul, and once you put it in you won’t need to worry about a replacement for a long time.


  • Heavy-duty metal and thermoplastic construction
  • Airtight battery compartment
  • ½ horsepower pump with 33-foot discharge head


  • Battery is non-standard and sold separately

5. Basement Watchdog Combination Submersible Sump Pump Review

Looking for a compact preassembled combination sump pump? The Basement Watchdog BW4000 is the one for you. Sporting a ⅓ horsepower motor, battery backup and a backup pump, this combination unit is ready for small pits and smaller basements.

It’s easy to set up with the simple float switch, and it automatically engages both pumps to maximize drainage and flow during heavy rains or flooding. 

Should the pump become overwhelmed, it has an alarm system so that you know when it’s suffered a primary pump failure or can’t continue to drain your basement effectively.

As time is of the essence with this type of problem, the alarm definitely makes a difference if your pump stops working in the middle of the night due to clogging or overloading.

This is definitely the best small diameter pit basement sump pump for the money, and Basement Watchdog has an outstanding reputation for functionality and ease of use.


  • User-friendly and easy to install
  • Works best with pits up to 12-inches in diameter
  • Automatic alarm system for primary or secondary pump failure


  • Only suitable for small basements
  • Expensive compared to similar tier models with the same features

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How to Choose the Best Combination Sump Pump

How to Choose the Best Combination Sump Pump

Her are the five most important considerations when shopping for the tops combination sump pump.

Pump Design

Sump pumps use a standard impeller system design, and all components on submersible sump pumps are sealed against air and moisture to ensure proper functionality even when your drain pit is filling with water and the pump is fully submerged.

Basic sump pumps are AC power only, and require connection to a standard 110-120V outlet or power connection to run. They are float switch activated and continue pumping water until the float sinks back down to the off position. It’s simple, efficient and effective.

Combination sump pump systems have two pumps and two types of power. Primary pumping and power is provided by the larger of the two pumps, and it runs off of AC power. The backup pump is usually smaller and less powerful, but it runs off of a 12-volt, fully sealed backup battery.

When the AC power is lost due to a power outage, the battery backup automatically powers the backup pump should water start to rise in the pit.

This ensures your basement drains properly during heavy rains or flooding even when there is no power running to your home’s electrical system. Obviously, a combination system is the superior choice since heavy rains and thunderstorms often knock out electricity in the area for hours or even days.

Make sure that any sump pump you buy is a combination system with a battery backup to keep your finished basement safe from flooding or water damage.

Battery Backup System

Some battery backups run on deep cycle marine battery packs, which means they need to have distilled water added on a regular basis to retain a charge. Seeing as that can be inconvenient in terms of maintenance, you are better of using an AGM battery, as they require no maintenance at all while lasting up to 50% longer than standard deep cycle marine batteries.

Additionally, the type of charging systems is a significant determining factor for most homeowners when choosing a combination sump pump. The efficiency of the charge/discharge system is what will determine how long your battery lasts before it needs to be replaced, so you want to make sure you pick a unit with a multi-stage charging system that keeps the battery in the best possible condition automatically.

Otherwise, you may find that you are swapping batteries more often, and your chances of a battery failure in an emergency situation is significantly higher.

Materials & Construction

Pumps are made from either thermoplastic or cast-iron. Both are durable, but the cast-iron is nearly indestructible in terms of longevity. You will pay more for a cast-iron sump pump, but you will more than likely never have to replace it during the lifetime of your home.

Cast-iron is significantly heavier than thermoplastic though, so make sure you can actually maneuver one up and down into your pit safely.

Flow/Pump Performance

This consideration is all about flow rate. Most combination models run at 2100 GPH to 3600 GPH, and you want to make sure you pick the one that exceeds or matches the minimum necessary flow rate for the dimensions of your basement. Choosing anything else is a surefire way to cause an equipment failure quickly after just a few rain storms.

Warranty Conditions

You’re going to have this pump a while. Make sure you understand what is and is not covered by your warranty before buying. Sometimes it is worth spending the few extra dollars on one model over another because of a superior warranty. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to warranty coverage.

Best Combination Sump Pump Buyer’s Guide

Combination Sump Pump Buyer’s Guide

Why Choose a Combination System Over a Standalone Sump Pump?

When it comes to keeping your finished basement dry and clean, redundancy is your friend. A combination system has a battery backup and backup pump to help keep water draining efficiently even with the power out. If anything can go wrong, it will at some point in time. Make sure you have a backup system and plan in place to deal with that failure when it inevitably happens.

Who Makes the Best Combination Sump Pumps?

The top brands are Wayne, Basement Watchdog, and PumpSpy and Liberty. Wayne and Liberty make the high end, cast-iron and stainless steel construction models that tend to cost more and last a lot longer.

PumpSpy has the best monitoring technology and is generally the most energy efficient. Basement Watchdog has the best cost to value ratio, though they are typically intended for smaller residences.

What Type of Performance Can You Expect From Your Combination Sump Pump?

The battery backup should kick on immediately in the event of a power failure, and the pump failure alarm should be loud enough for you to hear it anywhere on the first floor of your home. Seeing as it alerts you to clogs and jams, you want to know about that right away before the flooding waters rise above the top of the pit. 

As far as flow rate performance goes, you can expect actual performance to be within 50-100 GPH of the listed flow rate on the box. The individual layout of your basement and where your drain hose/pipe is located in relation to the pit both directly influence performance, but it’s pretty safe to say the box numbers are accurate compared to actual performance.

Are There Drawbacks to a Combination Sump Pump?

In general, combination sump pump systems are the most reliable way to drain your basement efficiently and effectively to prevent flooding and water damage. You do need to check on them about every six months though, particularly in the fall and spring when rainfall can be heavy in temperate regions.

You also want to test the battery at about the same interval to ensure it is fully functional should the primary power fail and you have to depend on the battery backup to keep the water level down.

Final Thoughts

After thorough testing and research, our choice for the best combination sump pump is the Wayne WSS30V. It’s built like a tank, comes pre assembled when you open the box, and is easy to install by yourself without professional experience or assistance.

All you need to do is make sure the power connections are secure and lower it into your basement drainage pit. It does the rest for you automatically.

You’ll want a deep cycle AGM battery from Wayne to use with this model, but it requires no more than annual or biannual testing to ensure it’s in good usable condition. Should the unit clog or jam while in operation, the alarm is plenty loud enough to alert you to the problem.

All in all, this is a well-made, efficient little pump that will give you years of faithful service virtually maintenance free. Check out the Wayne WSS30V for yourself, and we are confident you will find it’s the best choice for your basement, too.


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