Best Hot Water Tank 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: March 01, 2021

Every homestead needs hot water for universal domestic use. Hence, the blatant need to have constant hot water supply to ensure that the shortage doesn’t occur.

This guide and review will aid you in selecting the best hot water tank that you can find on the market today. If you have been accustomed to the cumbersome hot water tanks, which take a lot when it comes to installation and maintenance, you need not worry anymore. 

Hot Water Tank reviews

The good news is, you can now acquire more robust, modern hot water tanks also commonly referred to as thermal storage tanks.

These hot water tanks have been designed to consume less power and thus save you a lot when it comes to energy cost. Research suggests that a home with at least four occupants using a modern hot water tank can save up to 14% in total utility bills which can translate to $330 depending on variables. Also, due to their compatible size, they occupy a smaller space and installation is easy.

Howeverselecting the tops hot water tanks can be a daunting task. Here, you will find holistic information gathered through hours of meticulous research which will aid you in choosing the top hot water tanks.

Selecting the Best Hot Water Tanks in March, 2021



Element Wattage.




1. Waste King - H711-U-SN

(Editor’s Choice)

100 Cups/hr.

1300 Watts

120 Volts

2. Ariston -GL4S Electric

(Editor’s Choice)

40 Cups/hr.

1500 Watts

120 Volts

3. Waste King - H711-U-CH

100 Cups/hr.

1300 Watts

120 Volts

4. Anaheim - AH-1300

60 Cups/hr.

1300 Watts

120 Volts

5. Falcon Stainless - 


50 Cups/hr.

1300 watts

120 Volts

Recommended 6 Best Hot Water Tank - In Depth Reviewed

1. Waste King Hot Water Dispenser Faucet And Tank Review. - (Editor’s Choice)

The waste king H711-U-SN makes the list among the better hot water tanks that you will find on the market. If you need a hot water tank that not only solves your hot water needs but also brings out class around your kitchen, this makes a perfect choice.

With 1300 watts rated element wattage, this water heater tank can provide you with up to 100 cups of hot water per hour.

Its adjustable temperature regulator enables you to have full control of the water temperature and you can raise it from 140 to 190 degrees. Hence, when cleaning those greasy plates and cups, you can get hot water at a near boiling point that will completely get rid of those stains.

Also, if you need to make some instant coffee or chocolate, you can use water from this hot water tank which saves you time.

Its tank dimension measures 11.2 by 6.8 by 8.1 inches hence occupying minimal space. To draw the hot water, this hot water tank comes with an elegant shiny satin nickel dispenser tap which can dispense at least 60 cups in one hour.

When using the waste king H711-U-SN hot water tank, you are assured of minimal spillage since the tank is completely enclosed.

The power consumed by this hot water tank is marginal making it cost-effective thus saving you a lot in electrical bills.

For its monthly bill, it can set you apart just $2 making it efficient enough to have it installed in your home. It weighs just 11.3 pounds and its installation is hassle free.

The capacity of the waste king H711-U-SN hot water tank saves you time when it comes to refills with its big tank. Its design is user safety oriented because of its adjustable temperature adjustable node that enables you to control the water temperature. With its efficiency and size, you can save a lot around your home both in money and space.


  • High capacity
  • Low electricity consumption.
  • It comes with safety features.
  • Stylish.
  • Saves on water since there is zero spillage.


  • It can only be acquired only on selected platform.
  • A bit costly

2. Ariston Electric Tank Water Heater Review - (Editor’s Choice)

When discussing the better hot water tank, the Ariston GL4S cannot be left out. It’s a modest hot water tank that will serve your home needs properly. Its installation is easy and all you need to do is just plug it in a working 120 volts electrical outlet and you are ready to go.

The Ariston GL4S tank measures 14 by 14 by 12 inches occupying a small space and to allow better portability, it weighs only 17.7 pounds. 

It provides you with instant hot water with its 1500 watts heater and can dispense 40 cups of water per hour depending on your faucet. Its capacity is 4 to 6 gallons and for better efficiency on their performance, the interior of the tank is upholstered with glass to save heat and the exterior a strong fiber.

The tank is durable and can be installed outside a house in case you lack space indoors and with its palatable design, you can be assured that it will blend in regardless of where it is placed.

The Ariston GL4S Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater is recommended for users who need a simple hot water tank. It’s easy to install and it can dispense enough water to perform simple cleaning tasks around your home.

Its price is pocket-friendly and its power consumption is minimal. This hot water cleaner is perfect for someone looking for an exquisite mini hot water heater tank.


  • Low power consumption.
  • Price friendly.
  • Easy portability due to its size.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Instant hot water.


  • It has a small water holding capacity.
  • The connection to the dispenser might leak.

3. Waste King H711-U-CH Hot Water tank

Convenience and superior design are what define the waste king H711-U-CH Hot Water tank. With it, you get a tank and an elegant chrome dispenser faucet.

The tank has a capacity capable of dispensing 100 cups of hot water every hour which makes it an ideal choice when it comes to the best hot water tanks. 

Its 1300 watts heater or element enables water to heat instantly when the need arises. This model is AB1953 compliant which makes it a safer choice to use.

It also has an adjustable control that allows you to increase and decrease the temperature hence increasing its safety rating. With this adjustable control feature, it protects the user against sudden temperature surges that may cause the pipes to explode causing harm.

It weighs 13.9 pounds and its size is complemented by its capacity. Installation of the waste king H711-U-C is uncomplicated and no major plumbing or electrical work is required.

The nickel finishing aids in eliminating the possibility of corrosion in the faucet and making the dispenser long-lasting.

It’s hard not to want to have this hot water tank in your home. Its features are conscious and it is easy to see that safety has been put into much consideration. Its efficiency is top-notch and power consumption is on the lower side making it an idyllic hot water tank.


  • Comes with a silver faucet.
  • It has a large water capacity.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Safety features gives it an edge.
  • Easy installation.
  • Beautiful design.


  • The faucet might leak.
  • Price is on the higher side.

4. Anaheim Instant Hot Water Tank Review

The Anaheim AH-1300 hot water tank provides you with an instant hot water solution. This hot water tank has distinct features which make it fall in the category of the best hot water tank available on the market. Its design is simple but classic and it has been developed with the end-user in mind. Safety is paramount when it comes to hot water tanks. 

That’s why the Anaheim water tank has a thermal fuse which acts as a protective device and allows it to reset itself in case the water temperature is too high.

Also, this hot water dispenser has a variable control for adjusting the temperature to your tailored need. The tank can hold up to 7 gallons and it can deliver a maximum of 60 cups per hour. 

Its 1300 watts heating element is low density and it helps in reducing gradual temperature change hence the capability of providing you with instant hot water. For heat retention, the hot water tank is made using stainless steel material. It weighs 8 pounds and its installation is easy.

The Anaheim hot water tank is an amazing safety feature. If you are on the market for a hot water tank for your family, this specific model might be a perfect choice for you.

Its instant water heating capabilities give it an added advantage and it is important to note that it doesn’t take much when it comes to its installation.


  • Instant heating capabilities.
  • The price is pocket friendly.
  • The tank capacity is large enough.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • Extra safety features.


  • It comes in only one color.
  • No extra dispenser.

5. Falcon Stainless Portable Water Expansion Tank

With its simple design and size, the Falcon stainless EXPT-2 thermal potable water expansion tank gives you a high-quality hot water tank at a friendly price.

Its main function is to provide constant water pressure around your homes. Being a gas water heater, the Falcon expansion tank has two different systems to separate water and gas which is used to charge the tank.

It is made from stainless steel and so are the connections thus reducing the probability of corrosions occurring. It weighs just 5 pounds making it light considering it’s a portable hot water tank.

The expansion tank measures 8 by 8 by 13 inches in size making its installation simple and easy. To minimize the diaphragm’s movement, a clench ring is used to reduce wear and tear.

With this water expansion tank, safety has been prioritized in its features and you can use it with no worries since it has been tested for over 5 years hence a proven track record.

Its installation doesn’t need any electrical or plumbing knowledge all you need is a wrench to tighten the connection. When it comes to power consumption this expansion tank requires zero power for it to function.

The Falcon Stainless EXPT-2 Thermal Potable Water Expansion Tank is a wise choice as long as you have a full understanding when it comes to its operation. Its functionality is simple and if you need an expansion tank, this can be a great option for you.


  • Easy to install.
  • The price is friendly.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.
  • Helps in saving energy cost.


  • It only provides pressure.
  • The tank storage is small.

6. Waste King AH-1300-C Hot Water Tank

This waste king AH-1300-C hot water tank model provides you with features that make it stand out among the best hot water tanks. The tank is made of stainless steel and is completely insulated to offer you better efficiency by saving the heat energy.

The 1300 watts heater tank element allows instant hot water capabilities and you can get that hot cup of coffee ready in a minute. 

The maximum hot water temperature is 190 degrees F. It can deliver 60 cups of hot water in an hour, which is impressive and has a tank capacity of 7 gallons.

The hot water tanks have an installed and patented thermal fuse that allows automatic adjustment if the temperature exceeds the needed temperature. On top of that, you get an adjustable variable control that you can use to regulate temperature to your preference. 

It weighs 7 pounds and it has a compact size, 8 by 7 by 11.2 inches which makes installation easy since it occupies less space. Its power consumption is insignificant hence saving you power cost.

Even though the waste king AH-1300-C doesn’t come with a faucet for dispensing hot water, it is an equally recommendable hot water tank. Safety features have been incorporated to protect the user against any mishaps or failure.

It offers versatility since you can connect it to dispenser taps for it to deliver both hot water and cold water. Therefore, this can be a viable choice for you if you regard all the features.


  • Easy to install and operate.
  • It offers versatility.
  • 600 GPH at 15 feet
  • Extra added features.
  • Large enough tank.
  • Safety has been properly incorporated.


  • No faucet for dispensing.
  • Can only be acquired from selected sites.     

Selecting the Best Hot Water Tank

Before acquiring a hot water tank, you need to put a few factors into consideration. Since the market is filled with different hot water tank models, you need to get the right information to make sure that you buy a superior product.

Here are some factors you need to consider before choosing a hot water tank.

1. The Tank Size And Capacity

The proportionality of water dispensed is equal to the size of a hot water tank. Therefore, it is imperative to note that depending on the amount of water a tank can hold, it will be directly proportional to the amount it can dispense per hour.

Knowing this, you can choose a hot water tank that is best suited for your hot water needs hence giving you the opportunity to acquire a superior one. It is important to note that the amount of water delivered per hour is not the same as the tank’s capacity.

2. Weight of The Hot Water Tank

As we have seen from the list above, there are different models of hot water tanks. Some air portable and can be moved from place to place depending on the need. Hence, depending on how you intend to use the hot water tank, it is important to deliberate on the weight.

This is because you don’t want to acquire a cumbersome model since this could make it difficult for you to maneuver it. Also, depending on where you intend to install the permanent models, the weight factor comes in.

3. General and Safety Features

The general features are vital to consider since this is the only way you get to have a clear understanding of how best a certain hot water tank model can serve you best.

These features may include wattage, adjustable controls, whether it’s a gas or an electric hot water tank among others. With such information at hand, you have a higher chance to acquire a hot water tank that is custom-made made for your needs.

Safety features should also not be forgotten. Some hot water tank models will incorporate some safety features such as automatic temperature control and systems which minimizes gradual temperature change that might affect instant heating.

4. Price

Hot water tanks vary when it comes to prices. Before buying one, this should be the first factor to consider. You will find different models that have distinct price tags. Many at times, you will find an expensive model that could be having fewer features compared to a cheaper model. 

Therefore, do enough research and don’t be persuaded just by the price tag, but dig deeper to ensure the hot water tank you buy is price friendly but at the same time incorporating all the features that you need.

5. Power Consumption

Utility bills keep accumulating around your home, so it’s obvious that when looking for a hot water tank you will be searching for one that doesn’t consume much power. Due to technological advancements, better models have been developed which consume less power hence saving you money when it comes to energy cost.

You might find that the models which are most efficient hold a fair price tag and are easy in maintenance. Therefore, it is vital to consider the power consumption of a hot water tank when deliberating on acquiring one.

Hot Water Tank Ultimate Guide

Best Hot Water Tank Buyer’s Guide

How Much Power does a Hot Water Tank Consume?

The modern hot water tanks have been designed to consume less power while increasing efficiency when operating. Most hot water tanks can consume less than 44 watts depending on the make and model.

Therefore, different models will consume power differently but in general, these heater tanks consume less power than what home appliances making them an ideal appliance to have. 

Do Hot Water Tanks Come With Safety Features?

Some hot water heater tanks will incorporate safety features that are installed by the manufacturer. Some will have automatic control for the water temperature and this allows it to adjust itself even without the need for human interference.

Others will have manual temperature adjustable controls that perform the same task but manually. Therefore, hot water tanks have safety features and this makes them safe for users and if you need one that automatically controls itself, you can find one on the market.

Can you Find Portable Hot Water Tank Models?

Yes, with the different models available today, you can find portable hot water tanks which come in handy when you have to move from one place to the other. These models are lightweight and they are compact in size which simplifies their installation.

Since they are portable hater tanks, you will find extra features mostly for protection purposes since the hot water tanks will come in contact with different surfaces a lot. Hence, it is possible to find portable hot water tanks.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Hot Water Tank?

Depending on the make, the installation will differ. Some heater tanks will require more details when it comes to installation and some are simple and easy to mount. Installation may include electrical work or plumbing and in some instances both.

Electrical hot water heaters will only require a single-phase power outlet and a bit of plumbing work and you are good to go. For gas-operated hot water tanks, more plumbing work is required. Thus, it can take a few minutes or maybe, even more, depending on the expertise required.

What Categories of Hot Water Tanks are Available on the Market?

Hot water tanks come it two categories, gas-operated and electrical operated. It is important to note that most hot water tanks are electrically operated but there are instances when you will find gas-operated hot water tanks.

Their operation and functionality are different and it will depend on what you need the hot water tank for. When it comes to efficiency on both, there is a very thin line that separates them. There, there are two categories of hot water tanks and it all depends on your preference.

Do all Models Come With Faucets?

A hot water tank needs a dispenser tap to deliver hot water. In some instances, you will find heater tanks that include a faucet as part of the product. Although not all will provide you with a dispensing pipe and in many instances, a buyer has to acquire faucets themselves. But, manufacture will always recommend the best tap to connect with the appliance therefore, even when it is not there, you can still buy your faucet.

How Much Space does a Hot Water Tank Occupy?

The space occupied by a hot water tank will be contingent on its size. Most heater tanks are medium size on average, hence making the space needed for its installation minimal.

For some hot water tanks, all you have to do is place them in a safe space make the connection and start using the hot water. Therefore, space should be a non-issue when buying hot water tanks since the space they occupy is small. 

Best Hot Water Tank Buyer’s Guide

Final Verdict

In this review we give a detailed evaluation of the best hot water tanks, but which stands out from the rest? Why and how did we come to the conclusion that the hot water tank mentioned below is the best you can find?

The overall winner that takes the day is the Waste King H711-U-SN hot water tank. I recommend this hot water tank because of its special features and efficiency in delivering hot water. Its power consumption is low and it can dispense a maximum of 100 cups of hot water per hour. Safety has been put into consideration and another thing that makes this hot water tank simple is that it comes with a chrome faucet which is an added advantage.

This hot water tank also has instant heating abilities and with its adjustable control, you can raise the water temperature to a maximum of 190 degrees F. With these features among others, we can highly recommend this hot water tank but it is important to note that there are more high-quality hot water tanks but this is the best in this specific group.


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