Best LS Oil Pump 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: January 01, 2021

An LS oil pump comes handy in circulating oil to all the parts of your engine that require it. These include the camshaft, the bearings, and the pistons, to mention a few. Oil is essential in the engine because it helps cool the engine while reducing friction on the moving parts. 

Best LS Oil Pump reviews

The type of oil pump you install in your engine dictates the engine’s performance. Thereforethere is a need to update your car pump from time to time to avoid any impending sorry state of low oil pressure, which typically gets stuck in the valves leading to noises.

These days, however, latest engines come with superb LS oil pumps. They come in various qualities, types, and designs. This makes it hard for especially inexperienced motorists to know what to choose and what to leave.

Professionals also find themselves in on crossroads; thus, we took time to research and find the ones that are worth your time and money.

Selecting the Best LS Oil Pumps in January, 2021






Melling M295 Replacement Oil Pump


Melling M295HV Stock Replacement


Melling 10296 Oil Pump


Recommended 5 Best LS Oil Pump - In Depth Reviewed

1. Melling LS Oil Pump Review

When searching for the best amazing oil pump with the latest upgrades, look no further. The Melling M296 is the best to have in 2021. Excellent for your high pressure and volume needs. This pump can handle high rotations, high pressure within minutes. 

It is loved since it will help your engine avoid oil suck-ups, starvation, and much more. Thus your engine will serve you for long without incurring any problems. Another thing is that it highly compatible with lots of engine makes; thus, it is easily maintained.

While these seem to take the day, it might still be suitable for all engines even though compatible. For instance, it is not recommended for dodge truck cars. On the other hand, the LS oil pump’s pressure power depends on bearing clearance.

Final Verdict
Excellent performance is what you benefit from when you choose this LS oil pumps. Someone might think you are using an expensive oil pump, yet you are only using the Melling 295 LS oil pump. It is compatible with a myriad of engines and also comes at a pocket-friendly rate. 


  • Affordable
  • Highly compatible
  • Delivers high volume pressure


  • Not the best for dodge truck cars

2. High Volume Oil Pump Review

The first thing that you should factor out when searching for an oil pump to buy in 2021 is how durable it will be. You see, these pumps cost a lot, and you don’t want to be replacing them every other day. One of the best ones in terms of durability would be this one. 

It has been designed from robust materials that ensure you will use it for long before the first bottleneck, if at all there will be. The engineering part is out of this world. It’s the best for utmost fit and function. Also, it is lightweight - only weighing 2.9 pounds and measures 8.2 x 6 x 5 inches.

On the downside, you can get some pumps that are half its price that does just as much as it does. So, some people would instead buy a standard one.

Final Verdict
This is the best oil pump for vehicles. It is liked for its effectiveness in raising pressure as well as its durability. Not many can measure up to it. Its weight and dimensions also are applauded. 


  • It improves oil pressure
  • Best for high mileage vehicles


  • Expensive

3. Melling 10296 Oil Pump

This is one of Melling’s unbeatable pumps for virtually all the right reasons. To start with, this oil pump is an upgrade from their initial versions, so you expect that it will serve you more effectively if you have been using their earlier types.

It deals with high volume as well as pressure even when you are dealing with top rotations per minute. Also, it is compatible with all sorts of engines. For instance, if your engine is a Vortec or gen engine, you can count on it.

While at that, still, it may not be the best buy for most, especially if you are a beginner in oil pumps. To start with, it will take you lots of time to install. Secondly, if you don’t fix it well, you will still find it hard to work with under harsh conditions despite it being vouched as the best for such conditions.

Final Verdict
It has been touted to be highly durable, meaning that it won’t wear and tear easily, thus value for your hard-earned money. Also, the fact that it is compatible with lots of engines makes it the best to buy for most types of cars. It is the best buy despite it taking long to install.


  • Made of steel thus will serve you for long
  • Has resilient gears
  • Best one for harsh conditions


  • Hard to install

4. ICT Billet LS Billet Oil Pump Review

If you own a car, you probably are sharing the same problem with many other vehicle owners, starvation, and the oil sucking up. These days, pick-up engines come with blots that attach tubes to your pump.

While some have bolts, it still is difficult to attach these tubes, which leads to cavitation and consequently oil starvation. A girdle thus comes handy in such a scenario.

This pump offers excellent support for LS engines as it eliminates uneven clamping while at the same time reducing sealing issues. A bracket and the two bolts provide quality support. This pump offers the best solution for oil starvation. Again it is compatible with many types of engines.

It shares a common downside with the Melling 10296 Oil Pump since it is hard to install. Thus it can be a huge let down to new motorists who might not have any experience of oil starvation and how to install these pumps.

Final Verdict
This LS oil pressure pump is sizable and weighs only a few pounds, 0.96 ounces. The cost is effective and is ideal for sealing problems. Though it is hard to install, the instructional manual on how to install it if followed step by step, installation becomes a breeze.


  • Compared to most LS oil pumps this one is cost-effective
  • It is also tiny measuring only 4.4 x 2.9 x 0.7 inches
  • The girdle on these pumps are ideal for reducing sealing problems


  • It does not work with a flange tab tube
  • The pump is hard to install

5. DRIVESTAR M340 Oil Pump for Ford

There are some of those things that you hope you will find in a good LS oil pump. First, you will love to know whether the pump is durable. You also will question the LS pump’s ease of use, compatibility, and its dimensions too.

When it comes to the best LS oil pumps, Drivestar M340 is touted as one of the best oil pumps to buy. Measuring 7.8 x 7.5 x 2.7 inches and weighing 3 pounds, the pressure that it offers, that pushes the oil to the respective points, can never be underrated.

It is effective, and that is why it has slightly more weight than your standard oil pump. The extra weight also means that the pump is made with highly durable material, meaning that it will last you for long.

While most pumps of its caliber are highly durable and perform tremendous work than a standard pump, most of its price is easy to install. We cannot say the same about this one though, especially if you are a novice who has never dealt with engine heating and oiling issues.

Final Verdict
This item is durable, and this will ultimately answer your question on durability. As a motorist, you already have to incur many expenses just to be on the road, and thus you don’t want to cough extra on oil pumps. Therefore you need to get this one. However, when it comes to ease of use, this might fail you big-time. 


  • It is highly compatible
  • Lasts long saving you money
  • Its pressure power is high


  • Hard to install
  • It is so large compared to most

How to Choose the Best LS Oil Pump

There are a couple of factors to consider when buying an LS oil pump for your engine. If you don’t have experience with this, you can suffer a lot of loss before acquiring the knowledge on how to select the best for your engine.

Experienced motorists also, at some point, find it hard. If you consider the following factors, you will bring home and a great LS oil pump for your engine. 

Volume Capacity

Usually, the capacity of your pump determines the flow rate of oil into your engine. When you take a look at how fluids flow, you will realize that the volume capacity of your pump comes in handy anytime you are scouting for the best LS oil pump. Usually, its volume will be indicated on the pump, the more volume it can accommodate, the better.

Your Engine Type

Always ensure you know your engine’s in and out. This way, you are in a better position to understand what it requires and what kind of oil pump to purchase. Pumps come with varied features. There are those thus are specifically manufactured for the specific engine makes, say Isuzu, which won’t work for Mercs.

There are other pumps also that can work for a myriad of engines but won’t work for some engine makes. Therefore ensure you do your homework and know what engine you drive before selecting any LS oil pump.

Pressure Power

Each engine comes with its pressure requirement. Thus, you need to consider this factor before falling on any engine. If you purchase a pump that cannot provide the pressure required by your engine, this will be a waste of time and money.

Ensure you get one that provides the appropriate pressure power. It should neither give too much pressure, neither too low. If this is not keenly observed, it can kill your car’s engine, which is so costly.

Your Cars Current Needs

These pumps should be bought for a purpose, and not just any other oil pump goes. Among the things that determine why and what pump you need to get is if your car suffers oil starvation. 

Another thing is whether your engine has oil sucking ups or whether it has problems with sealing. Once you understand these, you will be in the right place to choose the best one for the engine needs.

Current Oil Pump Innovations

These days, there are many innovations in pump designs, which are made to addr4ess a lot of challenges than what the old model pumps would. For instance, some can cater to your sealing and suck up challenges while others can handle a couple more problems that your engines might be suffering from.

A dry sump pump, for instance, has a series of vacuum pumps that are capable of pulling enough air from the camshaft, thus eliminating drag, wind-age, or oil aeration.

Your engine can be suffering from more than one problem, and thus you would need an advanced oil pump that can take care of these problems. Therefore if this is the case, you need to go for one. In the same breath, if your engine is an old model, you better go for one that suits it. 

How to Choose the Best LS Oil Pump

Best LS Oil Pump Frequently asked questions

Below are a few questions you might need to be answered about LS oil pumps. If you are ready to replace your current one or you only want to learn one or two things about them, then this can be a pricey resource. Read on.

What Exactly is An LS Oil Pump?

These are the latest version of oil engine pumps. These pumps are designed using high-end technology that provides the best performance as well as quality.

They arrest your engine’s sucking up, oil starvation, and many other engine oil problems that your engine might have developed. These oil pumps help your engine to work efficiently at all times, at no extra cost.

Where Can I Buy An LS Oil Pump?

There are many places where you can purchase these oil pumps. The only thing you need to be sure of is whether the distributor is legit or accredited by the manufacturer.

You also can buy them online from reputable distributors. Only ensure you buy the original pumps and not counterfeits. Other places to buy from are legit motor factors, distributors, engine re-conditioners, wholesalers, and others.

How Do I Find the Right LS Pump For My Engine?

It is not easy to find the right oil pump for your engine. However, in this guide, we have taken time to bring you up to speed on some vital factors that you need to consider before purchasing one. First though, you need to know your engine code, pump capacity, your engine's current needs, among many.

How do I install My LS Oil Pump?

Not all oil pumps are meant to be installed the same way; thus, you need to understand how your initial oil pump was installed and get one that should be installed in the same way. Most manufacturer also includes an instructional manual on how to go about the installation.

If all these still proves futile, you can opt to search for tutorials on various online platforms such as YouTube and find the right video tutorial to install your pump.

How Do I Remove The Initial LS Oil Pump?

Installation and removal of the LS oil pump is not the same. Therefore there is a need to understand each process in detail. There will always be a manual for removing the oil pump when you want to upgrade.

Alternatively, you can search your engine code and then counter check with the appropriate online video that explains how to remove it. YouTube is quite resourceful when it comes to removing and installation of various LS oil pump models.

Will My Engine’s LS Oil Pump Expensive to Purchase?

There is no one answer for this as there is no one model that fits all. You first need to get the appropriate one in the market and find out how each one of them differs from the other. All come at a different cost, and finding one that suits your budget yet works best and is durable is vital.

There are those that worth lesser amount yet provide the same pressure power that your engine requires. As a rule of thumb, however, ensure you don’t risk cost at the expense of your engine needs and its wellness.

What Size of The Pump is Appropriate for My Engine?

As stated above, not all oil pump design and dimensions are ideal for every engine. Thus you should ensure you do not purchase a small dimension oil pump while the engine requires a large one.

This again boils down to one understanding their engine number and size as well as the size of the initial LS oil pump. Always find the right size. It is indicated on the pump; thus you can never go wrong unless you want to. 

Best LS Oil Pump Frequently asked questions


If you are modifying an old engine or you are building a new one, the information is here, look no further. All this and much is what you need to get the best LS oil pump.

Equipped with this information, you do not have to waste a lot of time going from one oil pump supplier to another in search of the right LS oil pump to buy.

We are glad to have written this guide for you, thus no need to suffer engine starvation, sucking up, and any other challenges. You only get to read through this review and select the most appropriate for your engine and head to the market or place an order.

You can trust this review as we have taken quality time to review each and every product listed here in terms of durability, dimension, ease of use, and pressure.

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