Best Pedestal Sump Pumps 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: January 01, 2021

Best Pedestal Sump Pumps Reviews 2021
When researching sump pump types especially before purchase, you must have come across the pedestal sump pump. It is true that they are not so popular but they are effective and have their specific uses. Purchasing the best pedestal sump pump can be rather challenging especially since these models are not popular. 

The pedestal sump pumps get the name from the fact that they stand vertically on the floor level rather than the common sump pumps that are submerged and sit below the floor level. Pedestal sump pumps need the sump pit but they stand next to it and not within it. The pedestal sump pumps have a hose that goes down into the sump pit.

Once you understand what a pedestal sump pump is and how it differs from the submersible sump pump, you can now decide the best model to suit your needs. This ultimate guide and reviews on the best pedestal sump pumps available will help make the choice easy for you.

Selecting the Best Pedestal Sump Pumps in January, 2021






1. Superior Pump 92333

(Editor’s Choice)

1/3 HP

2. ECO-FLO Products EPC50

(Editor’s Choice)

1/2 HP

3. Superior Pump 92551

1/2 HP

4. Superior Pump 92551

1/2 HP

5. Zoeller 84-0001

1/2 HP

Recommended 6 Best Pedestal Sump Pumps - In Depth Reviews

1. Superior Pedestal Sump Pump Review – (Editor’s Choice)

The Superior Pump 92333 Thermoplastic 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump compromises of top quality components that were built to last. They have a 1/3 motor horsepower and thus are able to effectively move 3000 gallons per hour. Their performance is impressive with a maximum head of 20 feet.

The impeller is constructed from stainless steel and therefore this pedestal sump pump requires minimal maintenance. 

It has a heavy-duty thermoplastic construction which guarantees a long service period. The driveshaft is made from durable non-corrosive steel material. The pump is undoubtedly designed to last.

This pump is considered by most consumers to be rather noisy. The noise level can be irritating especially when you want a peaceful calm environment in your home. Its functionality is flawless and you could always entertain the noise every once in a while as long as it gets the job done.

Includes an automatic float switch and the motor housing is made from steel and aluminum. This pedestal sump pump also includes a 1-1/4 inch discharge pump to make it more effective and household-friendly.


  • Heavy-duty thermoplastic casing
  • 1/3 Horsepower motor
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Stainless steel impeller
  • Automatic float switch


  • Noisy

Final Verdict
The Superior Pump 92333 Thermoplastic 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump is great especially for people on a budget. It is long-lasting requires little maintainers, and easy to install by yourself and use.

2. ECO-FLO Products EPC50 – (Editor’s Choice)

With the capability of moving up to 5000 gallons of water per hour, the ECO-FLO Products EPC50 1/2 HP Pedestal Sump Pump is perfect for high water table areas. It is made from heavy-duty cast iron to ensure the product is long-lasting and effective.

This pedestal pump weighs about 19.3 pounds making it easy to move around and transport. It does not require an expert for installation and you can do it by yourself. The packaging includes a detailed manual to help you with the installation and you should follow it keenly.

The design is rather large and not fully compact thereby many customers complain of it covering too much basement space. This is especially true when you frequently use your basement for all sorts of reasons and require that extra space.

The advantage of this pedestal sump pump is how easy it is to install and use. First, you do not install it inside your sump pump, second, it comes with a detailed manual to ensure the installation process is made simple.


  • 1/2 HP motor
  • Cast iron construction
  • 5000 GPH
  • Easy to install


  • Covers a huge space

Final Verdict
This pedestal sump pump is ideal for individuals who do not consider themselves as handy. It only takes a few moments to install this sump pump and all you need to do is follow the instructions.

3. Flotec FPPM3600D – Reliable and effective

Undoubtedly considered as one of the best pedestal sump pumps in the market. Equipped with a 1/3 horsepower motor, the Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 Pedestal 1/3 HP Sump Pump is able to keep up with a quickly flooding basement.

When transferring water 10 feet up, this pump impressively moves 2460 gallons per hour. Without any lift, the pump can comfortably move 3480 gallons per hour which will ensure your basement is kept dry.

This pump’s design is compact and small enough to fit even in the smallest spaces that other pumps would not fit. The pump runs on a 3.5-amp power supply and you should ensure that the proper power requirement is met.

It also includes a thermal sensor that switches the device off in case of an overload or if the motor gets extremely hot. This feature ensures the device is long-lasting, durable, reliable, and effective.

A battery backup option is not supplied with this device and most customers find this to be a problem. During flooding, electricity is not always stable and this might be a huge problem.

This product is manufactured with both stainless steel and cast-iron to guarantee its reliability and durability. The messed screen is great for minimizing clogging caused by the debris. The impeller is manufactured to maintain the suction power since it is non-clogging.


  • Non-clogging impeller
  • Cast-iron and stainless steel casing
  • 1/3 horsepower motor
  • Messed screen to prevent clogging
  • Thermal sensors


  • No battery backup

Final Verdict
The Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 Pedestal 1/3 HP Sump Pump is the best option when you need your basement cleaned efficiently and quickly. It is great for areas prone to flooding since it can comfortably move a lot of water per hour.

4. Superior Pump 92551 Cast Iron 1/2 HP Pedestal Pump.

The metal switch arm flawless design of the Superior Pump 92551 Cast Iron 1/2 HP Pedestal Pump makes it stand out from the rest of the pedestal sump pumps. With a 1/2 horsepower motor, this sump pump provides great performance.

The base is constructed from cast iron while the drive shaft is made from non-corrosive stainless steel. It includes an automatic switch that is fully adjustable to suit your needs.

The float ball and impeller are also made from stainless steel material and therefore this pedestal sump pump can handle liquids at up to 180f.

This sump pump can, however, not be used in sump basins with less than 12 inches. This is considered as a disadvantage by many customers especially because adjusting the sump pump is a lot of work.

This pump is both strong and durable due to its metal switching arm. Once it is properly installed, this pump requires no maintenance and is long-lasting. The installation process is also quite simple and you do not need an expert to do it. 


  • Metal switch arm
  • 1/2 horsepower motor
  • Stainless steel impeller, float ball, and driveshaft
  • Adjustable automatic switch


  • Used for 12 inches or larger sump pits

Final Verdict
This pedestal sump pump Is ideal for frequently flooding basements due to its long-lasting design. All the components of this sump pump are specially designed to endure harsh conditions and constant work.

5. Star Pedestal Sump Pump – Heavy-duty pedestal sump pump

This pedestal sump pump has an impressive 1/3 horsepower motor and an open-type multi-vane non-clogging impeller. The motor is quite impressive because it includes thermal overload protection and has the capacity of 60 cycles, 115v. Unlike other similar products, this pedestal sump pump hardly overheats and can work for long periods at a time.

It has a 1-1/4 inch discharge pipe with the capability of pumping, at 5 feet up to 3000 gallons per hour. This performance is extremely impressive and convenient when you always have a huge workload. It also features an adjustable on/off float with a rod-shaped switch.

Some customers found this pedestal sump pump to be noisy than they hoped it would be when purchasing it. The bottom line is that pedestal pumps sit above ground level and therefore may produce more sound than the submersible sump pumps.

This sump pump is capable of filtering out debris thanks to the fitted top suction strainer. This feature lets the Star 3CEH Thermoplastic Column 1/3 Pedestal Sump Pump stand out from the rest of its.


  • Top suction strainer
  • 1/3 HP motor
  • 3000 gallons per hour
  • 1-1/4 inch discharge pipe
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Loud sound

Final Verdict
This pedestal sump pump is great for first time users since installation is simple and it is affordable. Great for people who want to try out the pedestal sump pumps for the first time.

6. Zoeller 84-0001 Pedestal Pump.

The Zoeller 84-0001 Old Faithful 84 1/2 HP Pedestal pump has a heavy-duty cast iron base and housing to ensure it is long-lasting. With a 1/2 horsepower motor, this pedestal pump is considered as one of the most reliable.

It also features a non-corrosive shaft, steel-plated float rod, and a chemically-resistant float to ensure the pump can provide great performance at all times. It comes with a 1-1/2 inch FPT discharge and a non-corrosive shaft.

Like most of the pedestal sump pumps, this particular pump also tends to make a lot of noise. Customers, however, can overlook the loud sound produced because of its great performance and functionality.

On the positive side, this pedestal sump pump has no strainer. This is a good thing because you do not have to perform periodical clean ups and replacements. Pumps with strainers usually give customers a hectic time because the strainers deteriorate and require constant replacement. Cleaning up the strainers is also time-consuming and a lot of work for busy individuals.


  • Heavy-duty cast iron design
  • Positive-displacement switch
  • Permanently lubricated motor
  • Thermal overload protection


  • Noise

Final Verdict
This particular pedestal sump pump is great for homes with small basement areas. It has a small compact design that can fit in small spaces and save a lot of space.

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How to Choose the Best Pedestal Sump Pumps

How to Choose the Best Pedestal Sump Pumps

There are a lot of different things you need to consider when choosing the best pedestal sump pump to suit your needs. Below are a few of the key issues you have to consider before purchasing a pedestal sump pump.

1. HorsePower

Most people associate horsepower with cars but in actuality, there are a lot of different machines that have their motor capability measured using horsepower. Essentially, pedestal sump pump horsepower refers to how powerful and quickly the pump can move water.

The sump pumps require this horsepower to transport water up and away from the sump pits. Sometimes, this accumulated water has to be pumped long distances up to the plumbing outlet. Power is therefore very important when it comes to pedestal sump pumps.

Most pedestal sump pumps have a low horsepower rating of 1/3 and below. This is usually enough especially when you do not encounter the basement flooding issue often. A 1/2 horsepower pedestal pump is preferred when your basement is exposed to water now and then. You need to be especially careful with the horsepower when living in areas with high water tables and frequent rain.

The horsepower you need will depend on the environment, expected amount of water, and the height you must reach. Ask for expert advice when you are not sure of the amount of horsepower that you need in your sump pit. Do extensive research before settling on a particular pedestal sump pump.

2. Build Materials And Quality

Pedestal sump pumps are not exposed as much to water when compared to the submersible sump pumps. This, however, does not mean that you should compromise on the materials used to manufacture the pedestal sump pump. Inevitably, your sump pump will come in contact which will lead to rust should the casings be made of low-quality products.

The housing materials are very important and should be heavy-duty and solid. Stainless steel is a good choice but usually means that the sump pump will be slightly expensive. Fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic is equally durable and more cost-effective. The pipes should also be made of ABS or PVC which is both durable and flexible.

It is important that you also consider what materials the other components such as the impeller and driveshaft are made from.

3. Pumping Capacity

The pumping capacity is simply the amount of water your pump can pump out. This measurement is considered to be more important than horsepower.

The pumping capacity will help you understand how many downpours the pedestal sump pump will be able to handle. Ensure you get a model with high pumping capacity should you expect to deal with a lot of water.

When too much water is flooding your basement, and the sump pump is not capable of pumping all the water away, then you risk damaging your basement structure.

The pumping capacity is commonly measured in GPH (gallons per hour) and is self-explanatory. Sometimes the measurement is written as gallons per minute and you will have to convert it to an hour. When you believe that you are living in an area with a high risk of flooding then you need to go for a pedestal sump pump with a high GPH.

Some pedestal sump pumps do not have the GPH written on the product page but this should not be a problem. Several customer reviews on the internet already have the GPH of that particular pump calculated. Always keep an eye out for discussions and reviews on some sites when researching on which pedestal sump pump to purchase.

4. Power

Most of the pedestal sump pumps are either electrical battery and or water-powered. You, however, must strictly consider power when it comes to this sump pumps. Go for the water-powered models when living in rural areas because they are prone to power outages. Modern areas can comfortably accommodate electrical powered models.

You should also consider the option of a backup power source option for emergencies. Also, look at the length of the power cord with how far the power source is from the sump pit.

5. Size

You must consider the size of your basement when shopping for a pedestal sump pump. This is essentially because the pedestal sump pump stays above the ground level. Go for small size pedestal sump pump models when you have a small basement space or when your basement is used constantly.

Best Pedestal Sump Pump Buyer’s Guide

Do Pedestal Sump Pumps Function the Same Way as Submersible Water Pumps?

Yes, both pedestal sump pumps and submersible sump pumps work in the same manner. However, the difference comes in where the pump is placed. Pedestal sump pumps stand above the floor level beside the sump pit while submersible sump pumps go into the sump pit. Both the submersible and pedestal water pumps have the same components and function in the same manner.

What is the Advantage of Pedestal Sump Pumps?

Pedestal sump pumps are generally cheaper and easier to install. The simple fact of you not having to install the pump inside the sump pit makes it easy to install. With pedestal sump pumps you do not need to hire experts and you can do the installation quickly by yourself. Repairing these pumps is also simple because you have ease of excess when compared to the submersible water pump counterpart.

Do Pedestal Pumps Have Minimum Sump Pit Diameters?

No, pedestal sump pumps do not go into the sump pit and therefore you could use them for any size of the sump pit. Most people with small sump pits prefer buying pedestal sump pumps because they won’t have to expand the pits. With pedestal sump pit only the pipe goes into the sump pit and therefore you can be able to use a small pit.

How often should I service my pedestal sump pipe?

A pedestal sump pump can withstand a long period without requiring any kind of service. However, depending on your model, you need to carry out routine checkup often. This is especially useful when your basement does not encounter flooding issues frequently.

Pour water into your sump pit and test out your sump pump often to rest assured that it is working properly. Do not wait for a flooding scenario to notice that your pump isn’t working properly and needs repairs.

What is a Pedestal Sump Pump?

A pedestal sump pump moves water from your basements and dumps it out. A sump pit is dug at the lowest point of your basement to ensure all the water first accumulates at this point. The pedestal sump pump stands above the basement floor next to the sump pit with a hose reaching down to the bottom of the sump pit.

Why is my Pedestal Pump Pump Not Running?

There are several reasons why your pedestal sump pump is not running. You should first check whether it is plugged in and the power source has an electric current. Check the fuse box to see if power is supplied to the pedestal sump pump first. If your pump has power, then you should probably call an expert to determine exactly where the problem might be.

Why is the Pumping Capacity of My Pedestal Pump Not Indicated?

Some manufacturers of pedestal sump pumps fail to show the pumping capacity of the device in the manuals. However, you could always look at pedestal sump pump guides and reviews to determine the pumping capacity of your model.

Most review sites have calculated the pumping capacity of the pedestal sump pump you have. Do extensive research to know for sure how many gallons of water your pedestal pump can move per hour.


Although I have highlighted six of the best pedestal sump pumps according to my opinion, my pick has to be the ECO-FLO Products EPC50 1/2 HP Pedestal Sump Pump.

This pedestal pump has a 1/2 HP motor that can move 5000 GPH. Its powerful performance sets it apart from the rest of the similar pumps. It covers all the things you need to consider when buying the best pedestal sump pump.


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