Best Pentair Pool Pump Reviews 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: March 01, 2021

Pool maintenance is extremely crucial, yet most people hardly give it the commitment it deserves. To ensure safe, clean, and hygienic pool water, you must adhere to some critical tasks. It's only through orthodox maintenance that your swimming pool will remain significant and usable. 

So, how do you ensure that pool water is clean for swimming and bathing? Ignore your entire investment, but installing a pool pump is ideal. It's as direct as that.

Having a pool pump that drives and filters water through the main drains is magnificent. Our Pentair Pool Pump and Pentair Pool Pump Reviews describe some of the top models for you. 

Affordable, versatility, high performance, and energy efficiency are some of the features of reputable Pentair pool pumps. Therefore, we've also presented an ultimate guide that reveals the key features.

Before we jump to top choice products, let's highlight the main components of pool pumps:

  • A Motor
  • Water inlet
  • Water outlet
  • The impeller spins
  • Filter

Let's Read and Discover!

Top List 5 Best Pentair Pool Pump - In Depth Reviews

1. Pentair 1.5 Hp Pool Pump Review

The Pentair 340039 SuperFlo meets all the standards for an excellent and superior pool pump. It's a single-speed model that is affordable. With a 1.5 HP motor, this unit is super-efficient. Also, it's incredibly quiet when the motor operates and comes with unique hydraulic engineering. 

For those who don't like practical tasks, this SuperFlo Pool Pump is easy to maintain. Because of its design and architecture, the unit is not only durable but also long-lasting.

Needless to say, this pump ensures effective and superb water filtration. Featuring a 56 square flange motor, you won't experience quality-related issues at any time. In fact, the pump guarantees long hours of filtering and pumping without any tear and wear things.

Additionally, the unit is significantly east to maintain since it comes with the see-through lid. These features allow you to check out and inspect the unit quickly.

More than that, the pump comes with self-priming that ensures more comfortable and faster start-ups. The oversized strainer gasket makes the work easier. This reduces the time and frequency of cleaning the pump. Thanks to its advanced technology that helps the model to remain reliable and relevant under the most severe conditions.

This is an energy-efficient pool pump. The majority of users are very appreciating and satisfied with Pentair 340039 SuperFlo because of its affordability, durability, and performance. Mostly, its quest operation makes it a top choice.


  • It ensures quiet operation
  • It's made of thick walls and durable components
  • Energy efficient, thus low energy cost
  • It is easy to start-up because of self-priming
  • Easy to maintain


  • The pump has only 1.5 HP.

2. Pentair Variable Speed Pool Pump Review

If you're planning to upgrade your traditional pump, Pentair 342001, tan is the best bet. The super pool pump brings remarkable and substantial cost savings by moving pool water more effectively at a lower speed.

With a digital control keypad, the unit is easy and extremely simple to use and install. Actually, it's not easy to come across such a variable pool pump, but you'll get it from Pentair.

This pump is equipped with 24-hour memory retention (real-time clock). This helps you to monitor and program your best speed settings effortlessly. Plus, the variable speed tech, in conjunction with its sufficient capability, reduces maintenance and operational cost. You'll enjoy its performance from the start to the end.

One fantastic thing about this model is that it doesn't require rewiring during the first-time installation. Typicallyit can operate with either 115 volts or 240 volts.

Still, it's coupled with a super-silent, enclosed fan TEFC motor that erases unwanted hydraulic vibrations and strong-pitched noises. Let it be your best ever pool pump. I recommend it because it will meet your pool pump needs.

Pentair 342001, tan has become a favorite model amongst pool users. This has been highly contributed by its ease to operate and install. Probably, its super-quiet feature is the reason why most buyers are amazed. This pump is pretty an energy-saving unit for you.


  • The pump is easy to install and operate
  • Features a variable speed that ensures low operational costs
  • It's super-silent
  • The pump brings a heavy-duty performance


  • Not ideal choice for larger pools since it has a low horsepower

3. Pentair Dynamo Pool Pump

The Pentair Dynamo 340210 comes with a compact design as compared to other brands. This above-group pool pump is a reasonable purchase that won't disappoint you.

One reason behind its popularity is the reinforced fiberglass construction that boasts durability and strength.

Though expensive, it's what you need to filter your contaminated water in your swimming pool. This in-built feature makes it operate even under rough conditions.

Moreover, it takes a top-notch quality hydraulic engineering that enhances quieter operation. It's low energy requirements, and energy cost savings make it a nice option in the market. With it, you won't undergo hefty electricity bills.

Just like some pool pumps from Pentair, Pentair Dynamo – 340210 features a see-through lid. Thus, you'll inspect the pump faster and effortlessly.

This feature also prevents clogging. While it has a large strainer basket, you'll control the time between cleanings. Its 1.5-inch standard ports allow easier above-ground installation.

I suggest that one should own a reliable pump, which is the heart of the pool filtration system, and one Pentair Dynamo 340210.

For something modern, this pump is amazing. You'll love its overall efficiency and strength. Thanks for its quiet operation, something that makes unique than other traditional pool pumps. Its compact design proves how the product is worthwhile and value for money.


  • Sturdy fiberglass construction
  • Provides high performance
  • Easy to inspect
  • Offers quiet operation
  • Easy to operate and set up


  • Has a 1-year warranty

4. Pentair Inground Pool Pump Review

The Pentair 17307-0110S Tank Body is another performing model that you should invest in. It's well designed to fit spa inground pumps and Pentair IntelliPro VS 3050. Its working capability is great and is suitable for heavy-duty tasks. 

It could be a perfect swap for your existing Pentair housing. With simple and easy installation, it will only take you less than 30 minutes to connect the staff.

Still, the unit comes with a beautiful piece of strainer basket. This ensures easy cleaning and prevents clogging. As a perfect replacement, you don't need to call a professional for setup.

Its assembly includes drain plugs, trap cover assembly, and trap body basket. I give a thumb to this product because it has made many users, including me, to smile.

Thankfully, those people who like something easy to install, Pentair 17307-0110S, comes at the right time. It fits Pentair IntelliPro VS 3050 and Max-E-Pro series pool, inground spa pumps as well. It's more affordable and much a bargain than others.


  • Very affordable
  • It's an easy to install replacement
  • Well-designed to fit inground pool pumps


  • May lack energy-efficient feature

5. Pentair Single Speed Pool Pump Review

Last in our list is the Pentair LA01N is a single-speed booster pump. It has ¾ HP. That's why the model is among the finest pressure pool cleaners in the market today.

Similarly, the unit is remarkably reliable and quiet. That's merit as you can operate it in any environment without any hydraulic noise.

You should not waste your money and time in other irritating brands; Pentair LA01N will be the best solution.

Made of strong, corrosion-proof materials, this booster pump provides more years of durability. Swapping your old model with this one is just simple.

Most importantly, it will notice leaves that lie on the bottom of your swimming pool. If you want a great deal, I suggest this type.

Primarily, you can use the pump with legend automatic pool cleaners and legend platinum truck series. Stocked with hose and adapters, you'll appreciate its fast and straightforward connection.

It's super incredibly quiet feature shows how standard the pump is. This allows you to perform your pool maintenance jobs without interfering with the surroundings. Now that summer is damn around the corner; I recommend you to think and shop for this model.

Most people give complaints regarding pool pumps, but with Pentair LA01N, everything comes to a standstill. Well-constructed using corrosion-free and durable materials, this unit has all it takes to serve for long. It's silent operation and self-priming capability gives it an upper hand when it comes to popularity.


  • Made of durable, corrosion-free materials
  • It includes important components like adapters and hoses
  • It operates silently
  • The installation process is easy
  • Very affordable


  • It can make an unpleasant sound after prolonged use

How to Choose the Best Pentair Pool Pump

Our reviews may have impacted your buying decision positively. Up to now, you may have a hint on which model is suited for you. Whenever you want to have a flawless, safe, less maintenance, energy efficient, and durable pool pump, there are some features that you should adhere to.

Pentair pool pumps are the leading models in the pump industry. Still, their products are scatted around every corner because of their efficiency and versatility. And because we care about your pool needs, we've presented a buyer's guide that reveals the areas you should focus in.


The motor determines efficiency in a pool pump. A unit with a power-saving motor like a single-speed motor consumes not so much electricity. That's why you should consider a variable speed pool pump.

For one, variable speed units can save you hundreds of dollars every month in electricity bills. Particularly, these models are worth your money, and within one year or two, they pay for themselves.

Of course, for you to enjoy those savings, the pool pump needs to operate well without much strain. Furthermore, it needs to be integrated and appropriately programmed to ensure real times for filtering and cleaning cycles. If not, you won't save hefty bills.

Ease of Use

You may choose a pool pump because of its design and construction, but don't forget the ease of use. Many companies come with different pool pumps that require the correct installation. While some need a professional to install and set up, others are simple, and you can install them by yourself.

Indeed, you'll save installation and maintenance costs. Pentair pool pumps are among the simplest models to operate. They are easily programmable.

Noise Output

Everybody would like a smooth and silent operation. A pool pump that is irritating to the ears or the environment ceases to be the best. Always check out the hydraulic design and the motor.

These two features will determine the noise output of a pool pump. Most of us need a quiet backyard that is noise-free to us and our neighbors. Before you purchase, read the user reviews and ratings of a particular pool pump.

Pool Size

Pool size is undeniably a vital factor. The size should guide your decision when investing in a pool pump. Mathematically, a small-sized pol is better operated by a small or mid-sized pump.

This type will not only keep your pool clean but also assist in energy consumption. Contrary, a big unit will serve a big pol with huge capacity efficiently.

Frequency And Usability of The Pool

With your standard pool pump, then you're better off, especially if you normally open your swimming pool during summer. Meanwhile, there are commercial pools that operate now and then and throughout the year.

In such cases, a more advanced, variable-speed, and the heavy-duty pump is a top choice. Since such pools are demanding, such units will find it easy to handle the jobs.


Will the pool pump offer many years of services? That's a burning question that should run in every buyer's mind. Check out the materials used for construction. The materials should be non-corrosive and sturdy to withstand challenging environments.

Besides, to enhance long-term performance, choose to invest in a programmable and self-priming pool pump. This is usually designed with a durable pre-filter.

How to Setup Pentair Pool Pump

Spa water and sparkling-clean pools invite a hygienic, active lifestyle. After getting a hint about the top-rated Pentair pool pumps and why they are favorite, what remains is how to install a pool pump.

For units to clean, sanitize, and filer water to its best and purest state, it must be installed correctly. This section highlights the installation process step-by-step.

Things needed:

  • Latex gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • Rag
  • Well adjustable pliers
  • Water pump certified grease

Step 1
Pump location. Ensure the pump location you choose meets all the requirements. Make sure the pump is near or close to the spa or pool as possible. To improve efficiency and reduce friction, use direct and short suction piping returns. Let the pump be around 1.6 meters from the wall of your swimming pool. Also, don't install the unit more than 9 feet above the water level.

Step 2
Attach. Attach your pump correctly to the motor using bolts and nuts. Next, attach the water source/line that is coming directly from the pool and let attach it to the suction pipe. Place a shut-off valve or a diverter on one side of your pump.

Step 3
Connect. Now, connect the filter. At the same time, join the flush valve on one side to enhance discharge using the filter. This will back to back back-flush and clean your filter, thus redirecting gallons of water in your pool to another. Finish connecting with a pipe and shut-off valve that will return water to your pool.

Step 4
Apply a thin coat of lubricant/grease. Apply the grease in all sides of a flange gasket. You need to position the gasket flat and against the face or direction of the flange. Now, align the holes keenly in the gasket and use the bolt holes to screw on the flange.

Step 5
Fitting and valves. Don't install 90 degrees elbow directly into the pool pump inlet. Ensure the check valves are connected well. This prevents the reverse rotation of the motor and impeller. Also, it will help the unit to last longer and work prime faster.

Step 6
Check all connections. Inspect whether everything is connected appropriately to prevent leaking. Finally, tighten the bolts and screws and test the pool pump.

Final Verdict

Wrapping things up, as a beginner, choosing the right pool pump may be daunting. But with the above Best Pentair Pool Pump and Pentair Pool Pump Reviews, you've got a reason to rejoice.

 It has nailed it. It revives your hope and heals your agony when it comes to selecting the effective Pentair pool pump. Together with great reviews, pros and cons, installation process, all is left is your final decision.

All in all, our five products are excellent; however, the Pentair 340039 SuperFlo beats the odds because of its distinct and unique features. It's easy to install and comes with the most powerful motor to handle all pool maintenance tasks.

Plus, the pump proves to be energy-efficient and will save you from hefty electricity bills. Still, its construction is sturdy, and this makes it durable as compared to other pumps. 


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