Best Pool Pump Timer 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: January 01, 2021

Best Pool Pump Timer Reviews 2021

Swimming is considered therapeutic, that’s why every time you take a dip in a pool, especially in the summer a certain form of freshness adorns you.

To keep a pool fresh, constant draining is required. This aids mostly in eliminating infect-ants such as algae thus keeping the pool water fresh and clean. 

Pool pumps play an integral role in facilitating this. Nevertheless, according to research, pool pumps should run a maximum of 8 hours per day to accommodate this.

That’s why you need a fully dissected best pool pump timer review. But since draining needs to be done at different intervals, this has made pool pump timers to become a fundamental device to have which aids in this.

Timer pool pumps work using a mechanical principle where it disconnects and reconnects a pool pump from a power source according to the set time. However, there are different models of pool pump timers.

Using this tops pool pump timer guide and review, you will garner credible data and information that is vital in acquiring a suitable pool pump time for you.

Here is a recommended list of the best sump pump alarm available in today’s market.

Selecting the Best Pool Pump Timers in January, 2021







1. Aube - TI040/U 7

(Editor’s Choice)


3 way

2. Intermatic - P1353ME


3 way

3. Intermatic - T104M

(Editor’s Choice)


3 way

4. Woods - 50015WD


3 way

5. Intermatic - T101R


3 way

Recommended 5 Best Pool Pump Timers - In Depth Reviewed

1. Aube by Honeywell Pool Pump Timer Review

Among the best pool pump timers, you will find the Aube T1040/U 7 day programmable timer. It has a sleek design and unlike most timers, it’s most ideal and suitable for swimming pool pumps. 

This timer can help run the pool pump for at least 16 hours a day depending on how and when you fancy running your pool pump.

The Aube T1040/u comes with three different modes of control which are; automatic, manual and temporary bypass. 

While this pool pump timer makes a brilliant mechanical control device, its design incorporates security for the timer against any form of damage.

It also comes in different voltages that are 120 and 240 volts thus giving you options to choose from. The 120 volts timer provides you with 1.5 horsepower while the 240 timer delivers 2 horsepower. 

Its installation and mounting are not that formidable, and with just following the manual, you can be able to install it by yourself. For manual control, you can use the common 3-way switch which the timer is compatible with.

The Aube T1040/U 7 day programmable timer, measure 4 by 7 by 9 inches meaning it needs minimal space to be mounted. For programming, the temporary bypass control makes sure that the timer doesn’t go back to the default setting.

Hence, even if you lose power, the program is never affected and only you can be able to make any sort of changes.

This pool pump timer is ideal for both commercial and domestic swimming pool pumps since you can find a 1.5 and 2 horsepower timer.

The timer is protected by a hard casing which minimizes the possibility of it being damaged. Thus, if you are looking for a pool pump timer, the Aube T1040/U programmable timer should be on your list.

Highlighted Features

  • It has a hard-cover, lockable, all weather-proof casing.
  • Two voltages options to choose from.
  • It comes with three modes of control.
  • Three-way switch compatibility.
  • 14 settings for programming.

2. Intermatic Pool Pump Timer Review

Tides have changed and in the technological industry is digitizing.  The Intermatic P1353ME is a digital pool pump control that has many applications among them most aftermarket retrofits. This increases its versatility and it is important to note that it comes in both 120 and 240 volts to choose from. It uses a 3-way circuit and can provide you with up to 3 horsepower.

This pool pump control has an LCD display screen that lights up for better visibility if you need to change the settings, especially at night. 

With the P1353Me, you can program it into 7 modes and it comes with heater and freezer protection technology. This is ideal since it allows it to perform under any type of weather.

Another feature that makes it fall in this category of pool pump timers is it’s three on and off controls. These controls work independently and each can be used for a different pool pump.

It has been regarded as the fastest way to go digital when it comes to pool pump timers. Its connection is easy and if you are in the market for a trouble-free digital pool pump timer, this is an idyllic choice.

It gives you 3 horsepower and has three digital circuits that can be operated independently. Meaning, with this timer, you can have three different pumps being controlled by one pool pump timer.

Highlighted Features

  • LCD display.
  • Multivoltage pool pump timer.
  • Provides 3 horsepower.
  • Ability to resume operation without the need for reprogramming.
  • Heating and freezing protection.

3. Intermatic Mechanical Time Switch Review

The intermatice T104M makes the list of the best pool pump available on the market today.  It has been designed with a switch mechanism that aids in turning pool pumps on and off manually.

It is easy to install and comes with a detailed manual on the switch timer. This gives you precise instructions on how to connect the timer to a source of power and the pool pump.

It provides you with 12 switching options per day, which is impressive for this specific pool pump timer. It can support a load of up to 40 amperes in one pole so regardless of the size of the pool pump, this timer will perfectly support it.

It can be connected from a power source of either a120 or 277 volts. Hence, this gives you an option to choose between the two depending on the power source you intend to connect the pool pump timer to.

The timer display is calibrated with numbers that are easy to see but also, this design makes it stand out.

If you are in the market for a simple, perfect pool pump timer that you can control manually, this should make the list. With its 12 switching options in a day, you are provided with options that aid you in controlling your pool pump.

Highlighted Features

  • 40 amperes load capacity.
  • 12 switching options per day.
  • 120 and 240 voltage options.
  • Manual override capability.
  • It has an on and off tripper.

4. Woods 50015WD Digital Plug-in Timer 

On the best pool pump timers available, you will find the woods 50015WD digital timer. It has a modest look with features that make it a perfect pool pump timer. It has three timing features which are vital in programming the pump timer. With this 50012WD, you can personalize the setting for each day.  

This gives you versatility such that you can be able to program each day different from the other. With this flexibility, this digital timer saves you energy with its capability to let you precise programming.

As it is referred, this heavy- duty timer has been designed to facilitate most appliances and not just pool pumps. Hence, whether you need it for commercial use or otherwise, this timer will perfectly accommodate this which is an added advantage for the buyer.

Its charging back up has been programmed to retain the saved settings in case of a power outage.

Therefore, if there is a power outage, the timer will retain the programmed settings hence saving you the time you would have used to input the settings.

It comes with a hardcover that protects it from all-weather and it has 2 power outlets for different simultaneous connections. The screen comes with an LED light which allows you to change settings regardless of the time of the day.

This heavy-duty digital pool pump timer has features that are unique and can facilitate different settings. Thus, if you are in the market for a flexible, superior quality digital pool pump timer, this would be a perfect choice. Its operation is easy and it gives you more compared to other digital timers.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy duty case protector.
  • Exact programming, which saves you energy.
  • Self-charging capabilities.
  • 20 distinct settings to choose from.

5. Intermatic T101R Mechanical Time Switch

Lastly, on this pool pump timer review, you will find the intermatic T101R. It has a unique design with an insulator at connection poles which acts as a protector against electrocution. It can be connected to a 120 volts power source and can handle loads of 40 amperes. With this pool pump timer, you get 12 on or off operations per day.

It has a heavy-duty metal casing which acts as a shield. With is, you can install it outside and it will work perfectly since it can withstand any type of weather. The pool pump timer measures 3.6 by 6.5 by 10 inches hence, it occupies a small space. For controlling the timer, it has an on or off tripper and a manual override. This lets you switch the timer on or off at your discretion.

Another feature that makes this timer to be on the list of better pool pump timer is its price. For a pool pump timer of its caliber, the price is pocket-friendly.

When selecting a pool pump timer, a lot should be deliberated on its features. For the Intermatic T101R pool pump timer, the features make it stand out. Therefore, when looking for pump time, this can be an option since you have an assurance of it working perfectly.

Highlighted Features

  • On or off tripper control.
  • It can hold 40 amps loads.
  • Manual override option.
  • 12 on and off operations every 24 hours.
  • Heavy-duty metal casing.

How to Select the Best Pool Pump timer

Deliberating on just the features when you are on the market for a pool pump timer might not give you enough information on better pool pump timer. Thus, you need to consider other factors that are vital in giving you a holistic understanding on what you would ideally need for your swimming pool pump.

The following are some detailed considerations that will help you in acquiring the best pump timer that is tailored to your needs.

Load Capacity

How many loads can the pool pump handle? A good pool pump timer offers versatility when it comes to load capacity. You might be operating several pool pumps and in need of a timer for the pumps. Today, it is possible to find pool pumps that can take more than one load.

These pool pump timers will have 3-way independent circuits that work independently and each has its own program and control point. You will find that it’s the digital timers that mostly incorporate this feature.

Current Rating

Different pool pump timers have a distinct current rating. Depending on how you intend to use it, whether at home or commercially will determine the pump current rating that you will need. One important thing to note is that the current rating of the pump timer should always be higher than the current rating of the pool pump.

This helps in avoiding unnecessary faults that may occur in the whole system. With a pump timer that has a high current rating, you can use it on most types of pool pumps. Also, in case you need to upgrade to a bigger pool pump and you have a pool timer that has a high current rating, you will not need to change the timer.

Ability To Save Programmed Settings

It is imperative that you consider the features of the program. This can be like its ability to save the programmed settings in case there is a power outage. The good pool pump timer will resume operation as per the previous settings and doesn’t need to be reprogrammed.


Safety comes first in any kind of electrical device. You need to consider whether the safety aspect has been considered by the manufacturer if you are to buy a worthy pool pump timer. Some pump timers will come with a heavy-duty metal casing that protects it against all weather and risk of damage.

You will also find others that will have an insulated cover for the connection point which protects against the risk of electrical shock. Therefore, make sure to check if the pool timer is safety-oriented.

Extra Features

These may include:

  • Settings number to choose from.
  • Voltage option.
  • Switching mode.
  • The number of operations per day.
  • LCD display for digital timers.

Pool timers differ when it comes to features since manufacturers will always try to add something extra to make their product stand out. As a buyer, take advantage of this and make most of it. Check whether the timer has a special add on since this can help you to buy a pool pump timer.


The price of the pool pump timer should also fall into consideration. You don’t need one that has an exorbitant price tag because sometimes a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean you get a superior product. Hence, a worthy pool pump is one that has superior features and a fair price.

Best Pool Pump Timer Buyer’s Guide

Best Pool Pump Timer Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide is aimed at answering the important questions you might have about the pool pump timer. Using this detailed information, you will be in a position to judge which pool pump time is best suited for you.

How Does a Pool Pump Timer Work?

A pool pump timer uses a mechanical principle where it connects and disconnects power to a pool pump at different intervals depending on how you’ve programmed it. All you need to do is to select the settings and the pool pump will automatically start operation at the set time.

It is important to note that some pump timers can be connected to multiple pumps and each pump can be set operated at the required time. Also, different models operate differently.

Can the Best Pool Pump Timer Model Help Save You Money?

It is said that the better pool pump timer will help you save money since it helps in cutting the electricity bill consequently saving you money. Instead of having the pump run for hours, a pool pump timer will have it run at a specified time and duration. Although, you should realize that energy saving will vary from the model of pool pump you use.  

Do Pool Pump Timers Require to Be Reprogrammed in Case They Go Off?

This is the one vital feature that you will find from pool pump timer. Even though not all pool pump timers, some have the capabilities to save the set program settings. This means if the power goes off, you are assured that it will resume operation when the power comes back on. This can save you time and it is a key benefit that you can find in this type of pool pump timer.

Can Some Pool Pump Timers Be Used to Operate Other Types of Equipment?

Fortunately, some pool pumps are capable of operating other equipment other than just pool pump timers. Not all pool pumps have this capability but A good pool pump timers will incorporate it. These pump timers are versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor machines, lighting among others. With this kind of pump timer, its diversity in use makes an advantage for you.

Does a Pool Pump Timer Need Special Skills to Install?

Pool pump timer installation is considered to be an easy and straightforward affair. This will vary depending on the model you select. On the top pool pump timer list, you will find some pool pump timers which you just plug in and you are good to go.

Others might require some little form of expertise to install but generally, it something you can do by yourself. Sometimes, all you need to do is read the manufactures manual and get a grasp of the installation process.

Between the Digital and Analog Pool Pump Timer, Which is the Best?

It’s hard to choose which is better between the two. This is because each has each pros and cons when it comes to features. Under normal circumstances, the former might be the preferred choice by many. This might because of its ability to automatically switch on or off. Also, programming of digital pool pump timers is easy and you are saved from the hassle of manually setting the timer.

Final Verdict

Through meticulous research, this review has been created to provide you with thorough information regarding the best hot water pumps. But on the list, which is the best and why have we chosen this specific pool pump timer and not the others?

Our preferred choice on the best pool pump timer is the Aube - TI040/U 7 pool pump timer. I recommend this pool pump timer because its features and design is special and top-notch. This digital timer is versatile and comes in two voltage options which are 120 and 240 volts.

It can provide you with at least 3 horsepower and has a 3-way circuit and switch. It has a magnificent LCD display which makes and it’s the only model that comes with heat and freeze protection technology.

You can program it in 7 different modes, both day and night. You get 3 on or off controls that work independently. Putting in mind these features and others, we can suggest you go for this fine pool pump timer since it’s the best you can find out there.


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