Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: January 01, 2021

The Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer is a great example of what you should be looking for when you are considering your options for a professional airless paint sprayer. Painting is as much an art form as it is a trade. Having the right kind of equipment and make all of the difference in how smoothly your job goes.

Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

Have you been struggling to narrow your choices down when looking at airless paint sprayers lately? A lot of people have had these types of struggles before. Luckily we have put together something specifically designed to help you through this process.

In this buying guide, we are going to show you exactly how to pick out the best airless paint sprayer for you and why it is important for you to do so.

Why Buy a Professional Airless Paint Sprayer?

The right equipment will change the way that you perceive your work. There are numerous reasons why used consider upgrading to a professional airless paint sprayer. Here are several of the most impactful reasons why you should get one.

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy A Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

  • 1. They Are Great For Painting Large Exterior Surfaces: Airless paint sprayers are great for painting fences or the outside of your house in record time.
  • 2. They Also Work Well On Interior Walls: You need to make sure that you take proper precautions before working inside of your home, but they are great for interior walls as well

  • 3. They Spray Paint Using A Very High Pressure: Airless paint sprayers actually spray paint at an even higher pressure than high pressure low volume paint sprayers.

  • 4. They Apply Paint Very Evenly: one of the struggles that any painter is familiar with is getting an even coat applied to the surface you are working on. These are not going to be problems you deal with once you start using an airless paint sprayer anymore. 

Selecting the Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayers in January, 2021






1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand

(Editor’s Choice)

1 Year Manufacturer

2. Titan Tool 0580009

(Editor’s Choice)

2-year Limited Warranty

3. Graco Magnum 262805 X7

1 Year Limited Warranty

4. Wagner Control Pro 150

2 Year Warranty

5. HomeRight Power Flo Pro

Recommended 6 Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayers - In Depth Reviews

Before we go into detail on the features, you should look for when selecting a high-quality professional airless paint sprayer, let’s look at some of the best options currently available on the market.

We have taken the time to comb through the data and pick out only the best products available for you. You will see by looking at these products what a high-quality airless paint sprayer looks like and the details that are the most important for you.

Here Are The Paint Sprayers We Are Reviewing Today

  • 1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer
  • 2. Titan Tool 0580009 Titan High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer
  • 3. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer
  • 4. Wagner Control Pro 150 Paint Sprayer
  • 5. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer
  • 6. VonHaus Airless Paint Sprayer Kit Spray Gun and Stand Paint Station

1. Graco Magnum Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

If you have ever struggled to start up a airless paint sprayer before then, you will love this product. Thanks to the reliable push prime startup technology, you will never need to worry whether or not your machine is gonna work for you today. 

The stainless steel pumps for the Pistons ensure that you get plenty of high pressure paint flow for your next large project.

This is a airless paint sprayer for professionals that is capable of a 0.27 gallons per minute maximum flow rate and is compatible with hoses up to 75 feet in length.

The recommended total annual usage is 125 gallons. The airless design allows you to have an even coat of paint at the end of every project.

Primary Feature Of This Product
Spray paint straight from the paint bucket suction tubing that is included with this product. It is usable with paint buckets between 1 and 5 gallons.

Primary Disadvantage Of This Product
It does not have the strongest battery in the industry for a professional airless paint sprayer.

Benefits Of This Product

  • 1. Easily Adjust Pressure to Control Paint 
  • 2.Fully Functional with Unthinned Paint
  • 3. Reversible Tip

2. Titan Tool 0580009 Titan High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

Here is a step up in terms of workload capacity. Many professionals find out that they have a good-quality piece of equipment, but they are limited by the total annual flow capacity.

Having a nice paint sprayer does you no good if it is only capable of producing 125 gallons a year, but you need to produce 250 gallons per year. Luckily this product right here is able to produce up to 300 gallons per year for even your most prolific painters.

It is limited slightly by the shorter hose length. At only 30 feet, you will need to be pretty close to your project site for it to work properly. The 0.6 hp engine may not be the strongest in the industry, but it is more than enough for most professionals. While there may be more powerful machines out there in terms of value of this one is a knockout of the park.

Primary Feature Of This Product
Finish your next paint project with 55% less overspray when compared to some of the other leading competitors in the industry, thanks to the new chip design utilizing HEA technology.

Primary Disadvantage Of This Product
The 30 foot hose length and 1/3 gallon per minute flow rate means that you will take a little longer on some projects than you would with more powerful equipment.

Benefits Of This Product

  • 1. Compatible With Both Indoor And Outdoor Projects
  • 2. Less Than Half Of The Overspray Of Leading Competitors
  • 3. Capable Of Spraying Up To 300 Gallons Per Year

Drawbacks Of This Product

  • 1. Spray Can Be A Little Soft
  • 2. Parts May Need Replacement

3. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

This product manages to strike a delicate balance between supreme portability and ultra-functionality. It is difficult for companies to manage such a precise goal. If you are a professional painter or an amateur at home, this machine should get you through your next project with ease.

Capable of producing up to 3000 psi worth of pressure and of sporting a 100 foot maximum hose length, it will be able to paint the third story of your house no problem. At only 23 pounds, it is still incredibly portable, so you will not need to worry about how you will take it with you.

Primary Feature Of This Product
You can use this machine to spray paint directly from the paint bucket with the added stability of a cart. You will not need to worry about balance nearly as much with the added cart.

Primary Disadvantage Of This Product
It will only be usable for buildings that are up to three stories tall. If you need it for anything larger than you will need to get another piece of equipment more suitable for those heights.

Benefits Of This Product

  • 1. Reversible Tip Allows You To Finally Conquer Clogs

  • 2. Compatible With Garden Hoses For Cleanup

  • 3. Functional For Homes Of Up To Three Stories

Drawbacks Of This Product

  • 1. Only 100 Feet Of Hose Length
  • 2. One Of The More Expensive Products On This List

4. Wagner Control Pro 150 Paint Sprayer

Every painters worst fear is problems with overspray, especially whenever they are working somewhere, that does not have a static air environment. That is why it can be difficult to find a good airless paint sprayer for working outdoors.

Here you have a affordable solution that generates less than 55% of the overspray that leading competitors solutions produce.

Even for the painter that has invested in a high-quality paint sprayer, there is always the worry about if it will go out on them. Thanks to one of the industry’s most generous warranty policies, you will not need to worry about what will happen in that case.

Not to mention the design of the pump means that it lasts on average three times longer than comparable alternatives.

Primary Feature Of This Product
The re-buildable fluid section of the HEA pump means that you will be using this product for a long time. To top it off, it comes with a generous warranty policy.

Primary Disadvantage Of This Product
It has a fairly short hose length when compared to competitors. If you need this for a larger project, you might need to something a little more powerful.

Benefits Of This Product

  • 1. Consistent Paint Pressure For Consistent Results

  • 2. Spray Up To 175 Gallons Per Year

  • 3. 0.55 Hp Pump

Drawbacks Of This Product

  • 1. Only Compatible With Hoses Up To 25 Feet In Length
  • 2. Less Powerful Than Some Of The Other Competitors

5. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer

One of the core demographics that is simply left out of the market all too often are the people who want professional quality but are not in need of professional quantity. What do you do if you want a paint sprayer that is going to deliver professional results, but only for your house, not an entire city block? You get this machine right here!

Although it only features a 25 foot long hose, it does not need to compensate for anything. This is an airless paint sprayer that delivers professional results for the single-family that wants to do it themselves.

Primary Feature Of This Product
This is the best option for the homeowner that is looking for something that they can take with them easily. If you have multiple medium or smaller sized projects, you can take them all on with this machine right here.

Primary Disadvantage Of This Product
It is not suitable for large commercial projects. This machine will only deliver the best results if it is used on typical single-family homes.

Benefits Of This Product

  • 1. Perfect for the do-it-yourself homeowner
  • 2. Get a even coat of paint applied to your house
  • 3. Control the amount of paint that flows easily

Drawbacks Of This Product

  • 1. Not suitable for large commercial projects
  • 2. Only ½ hp pump

6. VonHaus Airless Paint Sprayer Kit Spray Gun and Stand Paint Station

The truth of the matter is not everyone needs to be able to paint 500 gallons worth of paint every year. If you want an airless paint sprayer that will help you speed up the process of repainting your home, then you do not need to look any further. The 24 foot hose will allow you to spray surfaces that are up to 14 foot away and still get an even coat of paint at the end of the day.

While the hose may not be the longest on the market and the engine may not be the most powerful, this is still a high-quality product that delivers high quality results. Have you ever wondered if you would need to purchase two separate machines if you wanted to use water and oil based paints? Well, with this one, you do not need to worry it is compatible with both.

Primary Feature Of This Product
Capable of applying an even coating of paint on services that are up to 14 feet away thanks to a 700 W pump. This will deliver some of the finest results for the individual homeowner that any product on the market can promise.

Primary Disadvantage Of This Product
It has the shortest hose length out of all of the products on this list, with only 24 feet worth of usable hose. While it will not work very well on a large projects, it is still a high-quality product for the do-it-yourself user.

Benefits Of This Product

  • 1. Professional Results On A Small Scale
  • 2. Compatible With The Oil And Non-Oil-Based Paints
  • 3. Affordable For The Average Homeowner

Drawbacks Of This Product

  • 1. Hose Length Is Only 24 Feet
  • 2. Only Compatible With 517 Spray Tips

How to Choose the Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

How to Choose the Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

When you are looking at professional airless paint sprayers, there are a few things that you should keep in mind as you are comparing different models. Here are the top key aspects you should look out for.

How Many Gallons Per Year Do You Need To? 

If you are a professional painter, you should be able to estimate how much paint you will go through in a year. Make sure that whichever product you choose will be able to work that much for you.

Which Kind Of Spray Tips Do You Use?

When it comes to paintings, there are multiple kinds of spray tips that you can use. Different spray tips are useful for different types of surfaces. Make sure the airless paint sprayer you choose is compatible with the spray tips you need.

What Kind Of Hose Length Do You Want?

Measure the size of the space he will be working in before you make a purchase. The machine will be useless if it is not capable of reaching where you needed to be.

What Types Of Paint Are You Going To Use?

Due to the differences in pumps used between manufacturers, some airless paint sprayers can use un-thinned paints while others cannot. This also applies to water or oil based paints. Whichever paint you decide to use, make sure that your airless paint sprayer is compatible with them.

How Much Power Will You Need?

The more powerful your airless paint sprayer is, the more paint you will be able to apply in a shorter amount of time. If you are working on a very large project, you will want to get a more powerful airless paint sprayer.

How to Setup Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

How to setup Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

Step One: Set Up The Spraying Device

When you open your product, get out to the instructions that the manufacturer included. Connect the different pieces according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once everything is ready to go, you can move on to setting up the spraying surface.

Steps Two: Set Up The Spraying Surface

Before you start to apply paint on any surface, you will want to wash them first. After you are finished washing them, give them time to dry. Before you begin your work, prepare any sensitive services for the potential of overspray.

Step Three: Use The Proper Spraying Technique

Do not spray any closer than 12 inches from the surface you are spraying and maintain a long and continuous motion while you are applying the paint for the best results. Maintaining discipline in these aspects will get easier with time.

Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer Buyer’s Guide

When you are comparing different models of professional airless paint sprayer’s, there are a few key aspects to look at in particular. Ask yourself these questions to figure out which specifications suit your needs the best.

Should You Use A Hand-Held Paint Sprayer?

There are some airless paint sprayers that include mounting systems for added stability, while others are handheld for increased portability. Which type will perform the best for you depends on the project you will be working on.

When Should You Use An Airless Paint Sprayer?

Airless paint sprayers are ideal for exterior projects such as painting a deck or the sighting of a home. Professional painters can use them to paint the interior walls and ceilings of the warehouses or other large buildings.

What Makes An Airless Paint Sprayer Different From Other Paint Sprayers?

When an airless paint sprayer is a spraying paint, it does so at very high pressures. It uses the highest pressure out of all other paint sprayers. This causes the paint to fan out in an even coating of droplets by the time it hits the surface you are spraying, which is ideal for work on exterior surfaces.

What Type Of Projects Due Airless Paint Sprayers Work Best On?

Airless paint sprayers will always be at their prime when you are working on an outdoor project that has static airflow. Whether it is a deck or you are re-spraying the outside of your house, it will perform admirably.

How Do You Know That An Airless Paint Sprayer Is A Good Value Or Not?

The only way to truly know if it is a good value for you is to compare its cost, its specifications, and your needs. Each of the airless paint sprayers featured on this list is going to be a good value for someone, whether it is for you is impossible for other people to know. Only you can answer that question.

What Kind Of Horsepower Should An Airless Paint Sprayer Have?

Due to the way that airless paint sprayers work, the amount of horsepower will depend on the job that you are working on. The larger the job that you need your airless paint sprayer for the more horsepower you are going to want. Most average single-family homes could get by with as little as one half a horsepower.

Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer Buyer’s Guide

Final Verdict

out of the six products that were featured on this list of the best professional airless paint sprayers, which do you feel would make the final cut for number one?

We believe that number one should always be the product that delivers the most value for the most people. When selecting a professional airless paint sprayer, it is difficult to give a overall recommendation for the best model around, but we have considered all of the most important factors that you should include when you are making a decision on one of these products, and we have made a final decision.

The absolute best one out of all of the models we compared would be the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer. While it may not have the most powerful motor or the longest hose, it is the best value all around. It will be perfectly suitable for almost any job that the average homeowner would have in store for it and most shops that the professional painter would need it for as well.


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