Best Sewage Pump 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

By Harry ! Last Updated: January 01, 2021

Best Sewage Pump Reviews 2021

Sewage pumps are devices put in basins dug into the ground below most homes. These basins can usually hold about 30 gallons, but when the waste levels get too high, the sewage pump automatically sucks the liquid up from the basin and sends it into the main sewer line. Then, once the waste recedes to an appropriate level,the pump turns off until it’s needed again.

This way no matter how many times you flush the toilet, take a shower, or use the sink, all the water in your house can be expelled appropriately, keeping your living area sanitary.


Product Specifications




115 - 460 V


Automatic or Nonautomatic


1 or 3 Ph


60 Hz

It sounds simple enough, however not all pumps work the same, and it can be difficult trying to find one that’s right for you. In case you’re wondering what sort of sewage pump to get for your house, here’s a guide that should help you make a decision.

Selecting the Best Sewage Pump in January, 2021






1. Zoeller 267-0001 M267

(Editor’s Choice)

1 Year Limited Warranty

2. Wayne RPP50 Sewage Pump

1 Year Manufacturer

3. Liberty Pumps P382LE51

2 Year Limited Warranty

Sewage Pump product review

4. Liberty Pumps PRG101A

(Editor’s Choice)

3 Year Limited Warranty

5. Happybuy 110V 1HP Submersible Sewage Pump

Seller Directly for Warranty

Why Do I Need a Sewage Pump?

Firstly, why do you need a sewage pump to begin with? After all, gravity already does most of the work pooling the waste in the house’s basement basin, why can’t it do the rest and send the waste into the sewer or septic system?

While gravity is needed for much of the process, without a sewage ejector pump, it’s likely that eventually the waste will build up too much and burst your pipes, flooding your basement with waste and destroying almost everything of value in its path.

The financial cost and mental toll of a pipe bursting is something that no homeowner wants to experience, which is why nearly all houses have sewage pumps in their water basins.

Recommended Top 5  Best Sewage Pump - In Depth Reviewed

To make your life easier, we’ve provided a list of five of the Top sewage pumps on the market, and a pro and con list for each.

1. Zoeller Waste- Best Mate Sewage Pump - (Editor’s Choice)

First on the list is the Zoeller 267-0001 M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump with ½ Horsepower and a voltage of 115.

This machine has a corrosion resistant cast iron impeller, making it more durable and able to keep your basement dry for much longer than other pumps.

It also has stainless steel, non-rusting parts and overheating protection making it incredibly resilient. 

The Zoeller M267 is convenient as well, with a ten-foot long cord and a shaft seal made of ceramic and carbon for dust and waterproof usage and has a no-clog plastic vortex impeller capable of sending solid cylindrical objects up to 2 inches in diameter.

Even though it’s designed for houses with only 3-4 residences living within, at just around 400 dollars and with a one year warranty, it’s a great buy that will last you a long time.


  • Able to work in almost all operating conditions.
  • No-clog design.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Thermal overload protection.


  • This pump is not oil-free, unlike many others.
  • Not meant for larger retail spaces.

2. Wayne RPP50 Sewage Pump Review

The Wayne RPP50 Sewage Pump is an automatic submersible sewage pump/ sump pump which is 14 inches tall and 9.5 inches wide.

Is it worth the cost? Even though it’s less expensive than the Zoeller M267 and you’d save about 150 dollars, it’s been known to break prematurely on occasion, leaving some customers very displeased. 

However, it pumps water incredibly fast, almost never clogs, and can be counted on to handle large basins of water as it was designed as a sewer pump and effluent pump instead of a sump pump.

Even though some customers have complained that their Wayne RPP50 has broken down early, most people who have used this pump have gotten a good five to ten years of service out of it.

It’s also easy to maintain though you may need to have a plumber install it and can work in any type of basin, making it another solid pump.


  • It’s usually very reliable.
  • Requires minimal upkeep.
  • Less expensive than the Zoeller M267.
  • Can grind up thick sewage.
  • Can fit in most residential basins.


  • It does not come with a spare battery, tubing, or adaptors.
  • It’s been recorded to prematurely fail on occasion.

3. Liberty Pumps Simplex Sewage System Review

The Liberty Pump Pro 380 is another inexpensive pump that generally leaves customers satisfied.

As long as you don’t force it to clean out a large amount of dirt and debris, it should work for you too.

The Liberty Pump Pro 380 features QuickTree technology making it easy to access its switches without stopping the machine, its piggyback float switch means it works automatically and for more extended periods of time and it’s stainless steel rotor shaft will perform for a lifetime without rusting. 

Even though the Liberty Pump Pro 380 has had some issues with delivery and packaging, the pump itself is built tough with a powder coated cast iron exterior for durability and damage resistance.

Despite occasionally breaking down when exposed to large quantities of dirt and debris, it should be able to handle to sewage of most three-person households and comes with a three-year warranty in case anything should go wrong.


  • It’s versatile and works for both residential and household water basins.
  • It’s equipped with a ½ HP pump.
  • It has a durable powder coated cast iron exterior
  • It come with a three year warranty.
  • Stainless steel rotor shaft.


  • It’s had some issues with delivery and packaging.
  • Requires check valve and ball valve.

4. Liberty Pump - Sewage Grinder Pump Review - (Editor’s Choice)

Liberty water Pumps reviews

Another Liberty pump, the Liberty Pump PRG101A is long lasting and hard working. 

How does it compare to the Liberty Pump Pro 380? The Liberty Pump PRG101A can pump water up to fifty feet high and at a rate of 2,760 gallons of water per hour.

It’s also one of the best grinder pumps, being able to shred everything from wipes to rags to sheets of paper without getting clogged with its stainless steel cutters. 

It’s also extremely durable. Life expectations range anywhere from 15 to 25 years of use.

It has a thermal overload protector of 230 volts set at 221F and has a locked rotor amp which draws 23.7 amps.

Even though it’s nearly a thousand dollars, it’s powerful enough to work in households, businesses and apartments, making it the strongest pump in this list.


  • Can grind almost anything.
  • Strong enough for industrial use.
  • Has thermal overload protection.
  • Two decades of use.
  • GPH of 2,760.


  • It’s expensive, nearly a thousand dollars.
  • It can be complicated to install.

5. Happybuy Submersible Sewage Pump Review

The Happybuy Submersive Sewage Pump has 110V and a stainless steel electric removal 6340 GPH for clean dirty water transfer. For such a low price (the cheapest in this list) it’s a reliable machine.

The Happybuy Submersible Sewage Pump has a horsepower of 1 HP and can pump 6340 gallons per hour making it a powerful pump for your house and it’s heavy duty cast iron propellers can crush even hard solid objects without malfunctioning.

The Happybuy Submersible Sewage Pump has a higher base plate than most other pumps, meaning it won’t allow debris to build up in the sump pit.

It’s also made of rust-resistant stainless steel, a material that’s both aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean.

Though it has had some issues with the installation process and the set up, at only a little over a hundred dollars, it’s a excellent buy.


  • Only a hundred dollars.
  • Higher base plate.
  • Able to grind harder objects than other pumps
  • Easy to clean exterior.
  • Can pump dirty or clean water.


  • May take some work to set it up.
  • You have to tighten it metal couplings before use.

How to Choose the Best Sewage Pump

How to Choose the Best Sewage Pump

Now that we’ve covered some of the sewage pumps on the market you can buy, it’s time to figure out what sewage pump is right for you. Everybody’s plumbing system and financial circumstances are different, which means it’s especially vital for you to think about your own personal needs before buying a sewage pump. Here are some factors to consider.

How Much Horsepower do You Need?

An important question to ask yourself before buying a sewage pump is how much horsepower are you going to need to handle your house’s plumbing? If you only have one or two people living in your home, then you may not need a pump with high horsepower. A pump with about ½ horsepower such as the Wayne RPP50 should do the trick.

However, if you have three or more people living in your house, you may need a pump with more horsepower, since when a low horsepower pump is required to pump massive amounts of fluid, it needs to run for more extended periods of time, meaning its lifespan may be shortened. For a longer lasting sewage pump, I suggest getting a pump with a higher horsepower.

What GPH do You Need?

GPH stands for ‘gallons per hour,’ so the GPH of a pump measures how many gallons of liquid it can move in one hour. The GPH is determined by both the horsepower of the pump and the distance between the sewage basin and the main sewage line.

Even if your pump has a strong horsepower, if it needs to pump the water exceptionally high to send it to the sewage line, this will affect your pumps GPH. As with horsepower, if you want your pump to last longer, consider one with a greater GPH which won’t need to run for too long at once.

What Types of Solid May Your Pump Encounter?

It’s usually only liquids that sewage pump will need to handle; however, there are times when solids may slip into the sewage basin, and it only takes one sizeable object to clog your pump. This is why when buying a sewage hot pump, you should find out what sort of solids it can take and how well its impellers can grind them up.

Some pumps can only handle solid object one inch in diameter while others can send through objects which are two inches or even three inches.

Also, some pumps have impellers that can shred large quantities of toilet paper at a time, and even grind up the occasional rag or wipe.

If you live with small children or need a pump for a retail building where you can’t be sure all of your customers will only flush materials safe for toilets, a pump like the Happybuy Submersible Sewage Pump which can grind up especially thick sewage may be right for you.

What Material Do You Want Your Pump to be Made of?

Another important question to ask yourself is ‘what do you want your pump to be made of?’ If you’re looking for a long lasting pump, you should get a pump made out of cast iron.

These pumps won't rust, and they are extremely damage resistant. On the other hand, if you want a pump that cost less yet is still durable, you should go with a high-quality thermoplastic water pump. Thermoplastic water pumps are not quite as reliable as cast iron pumps, but they are less expensive.

Think about how much you want to spend and how long you want your pump to last before you make a decision.

Do You Need Thermal Overload Protection?

Sewage pumps which come with Thermal Overload Protection automatically shut off when they reach a certain temperature to prevent them from overheating.

Thermal Overload Protection is an excellent safety feature, and if you have a household that uses a lot of water, you should make sure it’s included with your pump.

You may read also: Best Above Ground Pool Pumps 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Sewage Pump Buying Guide

What Kind of Switches are There?

There are two main types of pump switches. One of these is called the ‘tether float switch.’ These switches are designed to automatically turn the pump on once the water of the basin reaches a certain level.

Then there are ‘vertical float switches.’ These are similar to tether float switches except they float vertically and need to be installed 90 degrees from oncoming liquid to avoid interference with the switch operation.

How Much do Pumps need to be Serviced?

Most pumps require very little maintenance, they are designed to run themselves. However, there are occasions when your pump may blow a fuse or get clogged, and you may need to repair it manually.

It would also help if you had a plumber take a look at it every year or so to make sure everything is up to par.

How Much Will a Pump Cost on Your Electric Bill?

For all the work sewage pumps do, it doesn’t seem to me that they are very expensive to run. It’s difficult to calculate precisely how much money it should cost, however, let’s say you have a ½ horsepower pump that is lifting water 10 feet high for 5-10 hours a month. Per month this should cost you only 0.24-0.48 cents a month, which is less than 12 dollars a year.

How Careful Should You be With What You Flush?

Even if you have a powerful grinder pump like the Liberty Pump PRG101A which can send a large variety of objects up to the main sewer line without slowing down, it’s smart to only flush material safe for toilets such as toilet paper to prevent your pump from pool overheating or getting clogged. Just because a pump may be able to handle rags, tissues and wipes doesn’t mean your toilet can double as a garbage can.

How Can You Make Your Pump Last Longer?

There are a few things you can do to keep your pump working for longer. First, try not to force your pump to move large objects or excessively dirty water.

If your pump gets clogged on a frequent basis, this may shorten its lifespan. Also, I recommend getting a pump with Thermal Overload Protection and make sure not to use too much water at one time to prevent it from burning out prematurely.

Is a Grinder Pump Even Necessary?

Grinder pumps are excellent for passing more robust solids at a higher frequency; however, if you only live with one or two other people and no children, you may be able to get by with just a sump pump. Just make sure whatever you flush is soft enough to make it through the hose without needing to be ground up.

Sewage Pump Buying Guide

Final Verdict

Taking into account all the factors listed above, I think the best sewage pump that will get you the most for your money is the Zoeller M267. It’s much less expensive than the Liberty Pump GRP101A and with just as much strength. It’s also more durable than the Wayne RPP50. It’s one of the few pumps that brings industrial power into a residential price range.


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