BEST Shallow Well Pumps 2021 ? Buyer’s Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: July 01, 2021

Best Shallow Well Pumps Reviews 2021

Finding the best shallow well pumps can be rather challenging considering how there is limited online content about them. I, therefore, decided to put together all the information about these shallow pumps to help you become an informed buyer.

This is the ultimate guide and reviews on shallow well pumps to ensure you do not go shopping blind. I have thoroughly reviewed my top 6 picks of the best shallow well pumps available in the market. In this guide, I found it important to also point out the key things to consider when buying these pumps.

Quick Picks:

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Goulds Shallow Well Jet Pump

Flotec Shallow Well Pump Jet

Red Lion Premium Shallow Jet Pump

Recommended 6 Best Shallow Well Pumps ? In Depth Reviewed

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  • 1. Flotec FP4012- Shallow Well Pump Review
  • 2. Wayne SWS50 Shallow Well Jet Pump Review
  • 3. Goulds Pump J5S Shallow Well Jet Pump
  • 4. Red Lion Shallow Jet Pump Review
  • 5. BurCam Stainless Steel Jet Pump Review
  • 6. XtremepowerUS 1.6HP Shallow Well Pump

1. Flotec FP4012- Shallow Well Pump Review - (Editor’s Choice)

The Flotec FP4012-10 is in my top 6 list due to its powerful 1/2 HP motor than can move water from wells with depths of up to 25 feet. This motor also ensures it pumps, at 40 PSI, up to 10 gallons per minute.

It is constructed from fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic which is resistant to corrosion. The driveshaft and bearings are made from stainless steel to guarantee a long-life.

The motor is completely insulated thus ensuring you hardly get any mechanical problems. The ball bearings design is impressive and matches well with the general appearance of this shallow well pump. It weighs 26 pounds making it easy to install and use.

Some customers complained that the improved version is not as good as the old version. In my experience however, the new version is slightly improved and the noise level has greatly been improved.

One of the key advantages of this particular model is the added dust-proof cover. You may overlook such a small detail but it is very important and creates a huge difference. The cover protects all the electrical components of this shallow well pump form both insects and dust.


  • Insulated motor
  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Suitable in wells with a depth of up to 25 feet


  • The new version not as good compared to the former version according to some customers

Final Verdict
The Flotec FP4012-10 shallow well pump has incredible performance especially considering its price. It requires minimal maintenance and can serve for long periods without experiencing breakdowns or glitches.

2. Wayne SWS50 Shallow Well Jet Pump Review

This shallow well pump is designed to last for years without any problems. The 1/2 horsepower motor makes it ideal for most homes. It includes a dual voltage of 120 and 240-volts making it convenient for almost all the standard homes. With 50 psi and a pumping capacity of 420 gallons per hour, the Wayne SWS50 can serve adequately with no problem.

This shallow well pump is self-priming and comes with a 3-year warranty. The warranty clearly shows you that the manufacturer is confident with the pump’s performance. The housing is made from cast iron and therefore this pump is durable and reliable

The absence of a low suction switch can be frustrating for many buyers. However, this is a slight drawback that can be overlooked once you use the pump and find out that it delivers perfectly.

This shallow well pump runs quietly when compared to the other similar products in the market. This is a huge advantage especially when you want to keep a calm environment for the little ones at home. You hardly hear any sounds when this shallow well pump is powered on.


  • Good flow rate
  • Easy installation
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Runs quietly
  • Suitable for small irrigation


  • Lack of a low suction switch

Final Verdict
The Wayne SWS50 is perfect when you have a household irrigation system. It not only runs quietly but also has the pump capacity to provide enough psi and GPM for a small irrigation system.

3. Goulds Pump J5S Shallow Well Jet Pump - (Editor’s Choice)

This shallow well pump can be described as the complete package. This is due to various reasons including the overheat protection feature, exceptional performance, and quality housing material. It has a 1/2 horsepower motor with a flow rate of 8.6 GPH at 25 feet and 30 psi. at 5 feet, this shallow well pump has a 16.5GPH which is extraordinary.

The housing is made from cast-iron which is corrosion-resistant. It is thermal protected and the glass filled Noryl impeller is durable and reliable. It includes a dual voltage system of 115 and 230-volts, making it suitable for most households.

The only drawback this shallow well pump has is that it cannot pump beyond 30 feet. It is rightfully a shallow well pump and therefore this drawback should be understandable. Wells less than 30 feet deep, however, is of no problem to this pump

Unlike other shallow well pumps, the Goulds J5S has a built-inn overload protection. This means that the customers can rest easy knowing that the shallow well pump can virtually operate on its own. The overload protection has an automatic reset and thus makes this shallow well pump self-reliant.


  • Reliable motor
  • Solid shaft
  • Overload protection system
  • Meets NEMA standards


  • Cannot pump 30 feet

Final Verdict
The Goulds J5S shallow well pump is great for consumers who do not know anything about pumps and how to maintain them. This model can be referred to as a simple plug and play design. You need to install it and never worry about it completely for several years.

4. Red Lion Shallow Jet Pump Review

The Red Lion RJS-100-PREM 602208 is a modern improved design with great performance. The newly added features include an automatic shut off which will help minimize overflow and wastage of water. It has a powerful 1 HP motor capable for providing enough water for farms, cabins, and large houses.

The housing is made of heavy-duty cast iron which is both rust and corrosion-resistant. This shallow well pump can, therefore, provide years of great service making it reliable. It also includes a glass-filled thermoplastic diffuser an impeller for efficient water flow and good steady performance.

However, this pump does not include a low pressure cut off. This is considered a huge disappointment by some of its customers.

The Red Lion RJS-100-PREM 602208 can move, at 50 psi, 23 gallons of water per hour. This is enough to service an entire household or small farm. What sets this shallow well pump apart from other similar products is the diffuser which helps to ensure better water flow.


  • Heavy-duty cast iron build
  • Quiet
  • Durable and reliable
  • Versatile


  • Lack of a low pressure cut off.

Final Verdict
This shallow well pump is ideal for individuals looking for a more versatile design pump for daily use. Most of its customers highly recommend it and do not seem to find any flaws.

5. BurCam Stainless Steel Jet Pump Review

The Burcam 506547SS is one of the best shallow well pumps available in the market right now. It has a 3/4 HP motor which is pretty ideal for shallow wells with a depth of less than 25 feet. It has a dual voltage system of 230 and 115-volts that produces 65 psi maximum pressure.

It includes a pre-installed pressure switch set to 30/50 adjustable psi. At 5 feet, this pump can move 897GPH. At the maximum 25 feet, it is still capable of moving 457 GPH which is impressive. This pumping capacity is ideal for homes, farms, and cabins.

This shallow well pump may not be able to effectively serve a huge household. This is a huge drawback especially when you have already purchased it only to realize it cannot adequately serve your large household.

The Burcam 506547SS shallow well pump eliminates rust contaminations from your pumping system and thus provides you with better quality water. This unique feature makes this pump stand out from the rest of the similar products in the market.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Removes water contaminators
  • Powerful motor
  • Great performance


  • Not able to adequately serve huge households

Final Verdict
This shallow well pump is ideal or small homes that not consume a lot of water per day. Its price is fair and provides reliable services with minimal maintenance.

6. XtremepowerUS 1.6HP Shallow Well Pump

The XtremepowerUS 1.6 HP shallow well pump has a beautiful design that most people almost immediately get attracted to. This powerful pump has a pumping capacity of 1003 gallons per hour with a height of 26.5 feet. The 1.6 horsepower motor greatly increases the functionality of this shallow well pump making it versatile.

This shallow well pump is thermally protected with a cast iron construction that is both corrosion and rust-resistant. It includes a pressure tank made from stainless steel with a gauge for more control. This pump is also self-priming thereby lowering your workload immensely.

What makes this shallow water pump a step ahead of other similar pumps is the motor ability to move water to upper building stories and moderate slopes. This steel tank hose also ensures this pump is reliable and durable.


  • Self-priming
  • Cast iron construction
  • Thermal protection


  • Powerful 1.6 HP motor
  • Able to move water to upper building stories

Final Verdict
The XtremepowerUS 1.6 HP shallow well pump is suitable for large households and apartments. This fairly priced pump is powerful enough to supply huge amounts of water to several households.

How to Choose the Best Shallow Well Pumps

There are certain important things you need to consider when shopping for a shallow well pump to suit your needs. Granted, you need to look very many different things. However, I have highlighted the most important things you need to consider.

1. Your Well Depth

By now you understand that shallow well pumps are used for wells with depths of less than 25 feet. Ensure your well does not have a depth of more than 25 feet before purchasing a shallow well pump. Wells of between 25 feet to 110 feet require you to purchase deep well pumps. Once the well has a depth of more than 10 feet then you will need to use a submersible well pump.

Even when your well is less than 25 feet, you must find out the exact depth to help you pick out the best shallow well pump for you. Some of the shallow well pumps are ideal for shorter depths of less than 10 feet. Others, however, can comfortably pump more than 10 feet without affecting their pumping capability.

Knowing your wells exact depth is important and may be useful for so many other functions other than determining the best shallow well pump to suit you.

2. Home Size

Your home size will greatly determine the shallow well pump that you purchase. Large homes require more powerful pumps when compared to small homes. You should also include other integrated water systems in your home when considering the home size. These systems include the irrigation or sprinkler system.

Large homes have more fixtures compared to small homes. A four-bedroom house, for example, has approximately 7 fixtures. Each fixture usually requires around 60 gallons per hour. Once you multiply the 7 fixtures by the 60 GPH requirement, you will be able to approximately determine the pumping capacity that your home requires.

Small homeowners can comfortably use shallow well pumps with a low GPH. There is no need of spending extra money buying an expensive and powerful shallow well pump that will not get to be fully utilized.

3. Pump Features

You need to consider the shallow well pump features that are incorporated in the model you want to buy. There are some standard features that you must look at first including the motor horsepower and pumping capability.

However, ensure that you also carefully consider the other additional features. The features you need to look for include the following

  • Presence of a booster: The booster is used to enhance pressure. The main function of this booster is to maintain the water pressure.
  • Thermal and overload protection: You will need a shallow well pump with both thermal and overload protection. This feature ensures your pump is long-lasting and requires minimal servicing.
  • Foot valve: Quality shallow wells usually have a foot valve. The foot valve prevents the backward flow of water. With the foot valve, you will always get a steady GPH.

4. Housing Material

One of the key consideration you need to keep in mind when shopping for a shallow well pump is the housing material used. Always go for the rugged cast iron or stainless steel designs. The housing material should be both corrosion and rust-resistance.

A good-quality housing material usually means that your pump is long-lasting and durable. There are a lot of cheap shallow well pumps available in the market and they can be tempting to buy. However, these cheap pumps are rather costly in the long run since you have to replace them often.

5. Warranty

Warranty is important when purchasing any machinery and the shallow well pumps is not an exception. Quality products are usually accompanied by long warranty periods. The manufacturer is confident with the final product and expects maximum functionality for a long period with no breakdowns.

Always go for shallow well pumps with long-period warranties. These pumps are bound to be long-lasting and reliable. Avoid pumps that have no warranties because they usually breakdown fairly quickly and require a lot of maintenance.

How to choose the Best Shallow Well Pumps

Best Shallow Well Pumps Buyer’s Guide

Can Shallow Well Pumps Be Used in Deep Wells?

No, shallow well pumps cannot move water in wells with a depth of more than 25 feet. They are designed to reach a maximum depth of 25 feet after which they won’t be able to transfer any amount of water from the well to your water system. Use deep well pumps when you have a well depth of between 25 feet to 110 feet. If, however, your well is more than 10 feet, then you need the submersible well pump.

How Can I Determine Whether I Need to Replace My Water Pump With a Deep Well or Shallow Well Pump?

Before performing replacement you need to pay keen attention to the number of pipes between the pump and water source. Two pipes mean that you have a deep well pump while one pipe indicates a shallow well pump.

If you have just one pipe between the bad pump and the water source, then you can go ahead and buy a shallow well pump. If you want to double-check so that you are entirely sure you are buying the correct pump type, then measure your well manually. Less than 25 depth requires shallow well pumps while more than 25 depth requires deep well pumps.

Can My Depth to Water Change?

Yes, the depth-to-water can change. This is usually the case when you are affected by excessive rain or drought periods. Some wells are also low-producing which means that the groundwater getting in fills them at a slow rate.

In this case, your pump will end up moving more water than the ground is adding. In this case, whenever your pump is moving water, the depth-to-water drops. If the depth drops to more than 25 feet, then your shallow well pump will not be able to transfer water.

Can I Leave My Shallow Well Pump Outside Unprotected?

Your pump motor is said to be drip-proof but this does not mean that it is weatherproof. You have to protect your shallow well pump from water, rain and strong sunshine. You, however, need to ensure proper air circulation. Use two boards to create a roof-like structure above your pool pump.

This structure will ensure your pump is protected from the rain while giving it room for proper air circulation. The sun is equally not ideal for you pump especially when you expose it for long periods.

Is the Check Valve Necessary?

Yes, you need to use a foot valve or check valve. It is usually installed close to the water source in the suction side pipe. Ensure that it is not installed within 2 inches of the shallow well pump’s inlet or anywhere on the discharge pump side. The foot valve works the same way as the check valve and is installed suction line end in the water. It, however, has a strainer added.

What Voltage Do Shallow Well Pumps Need?

Most shallow well pumps use a voltage of 230 volts. Some of these pumps have a dual voltage system which means that you can shift between 115 and 230-volts. Check the owner’s manual to determine the exact voltage that your shallow well pump needs. Your model might be different from the common shallow well pumps and it may need a different voltage.

Can My Shallow Well Pump Function Without a Pressure Gauge?

Yes, a shallow well pump can work without a pressure gauge. Note that pressure gauges are important because they show us the amount of pressure in the system. Think of the pressure gauge as your car’s speedometer. You can function without it but isn’t it important to know exactly how fast you are moving.

Best shallow well pumps Buyer’s Guide

Final Verdict

Although this guide reviews my top 6 choices of the best shallow well pumps, the Flotec FP4012 Shallow 1/2 HP Jet Water Well Pump is my pick. It checks out all the boxes when you look through the important things to consider when buying a shallow well pump. The housing is made from heavy-duty quality material, it includes all the important pump features, and it can comfortably support any home size.

Compared to the other shallow ware pumps, the Flotec FP4012 Shallow 1/2 HP Jet Water Well Pump has an unmatched 1.6 HP motor. This makes it reliable and powerful than most of the other similar products.

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