Best Trash Pumps 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: January 01, 2021

Best Trash Pumps Reviews 2021

Buying a trash pump is the easy part, determine which is the best trash pump for you is the hard part. This is because the market has different sizes and types of trash pump to choose from. Not much information is available on the internet regarding these pumps and this can be frustrating.

Trash pumps are considered to be rather expensive and their repairs are usually so complicated and time-consuming. You need to buy the top trash pump that suits you to avoid unnecessary repairs and breakdowns.

You need all the information available on this type of pumps before you finally decide to purchase one.

This guide on the best trash pumps with in-depth reviews should help you make the purchasing decision simple. It also includes the main things to consider when shopping for the better trash pump.

Selecting the Best Trash Pumps in January, 2021






1. Champion 2-Inch Gas-Powered Trash

5 HP

(Editor’s Choice)

2. Multiquip ST2040T 

1/3 HP

(Editor’s Choice)

3. NorthStar High-Pressure Water Pump

5 HP

14.3 pounds

4. Tsurumi HS2.4S

1/2 HP

5. Generac 6822 -Trash Pump

5 HP

Recommended Top 5 Best Trash Pumps 2021 – In Depth Reviewed

Here Are The Trash Pumps We Are Reviewing Today

  • 1. Champion Trash Gas-Powered Water Transfer Pump Review
  • 2. Multiquip Electric Submersible Trash Pump Review
  • 3. Generac Trash Water Pump Review.
  • 4. Tsurumi Submersible Trash Pump Review
  • 5. NorthStar High Pressure Water Pump.

1. Champion Trash Gas-Powered Water Transfer Pump Review

This portable, gas-powered, light-weight semi-trash pump comes with a complete kit which includes intake strainer, 12 feet intake hose, hose clamps, 20 feet discharge hose, adapters, and fittings.

Everything required for pumping is included and you can start using it almost immediately. The pump is designed with a heavy-duty steel frame. Cast iron impeller, and aluminum housing to ensure it is reliable and durable.

This trash pump has a 6.5 HP Champion Engine, 0.6-quart oil capacity, and 1.9-gallon fuel tank. It can, therefore, run for at least 3 continuous hours when the fuel tank is full.

With this capability, it is suitable for flood recovery, swimming pools, water transfer, and ponds or streams. It can pass solids with up to 9/16 inches in diameter at a delivery capacity of 158 gallons per minute.

Most consumers find it difficult to prime the pump during initial installation. Although this trash pump is self-priming, you need to prime it properly during installation. Ensure that you prime it properly and you will never encounter any problems with this trash pump.

The engine also includes an automatic shut-off low oil sensor and a fuel shut-off sensor. This guarantees safety during the pumping process and you do not have to worry about mechanical breakdowns. With the 2-year warranty, you can rest easy knowing you have a quality product.


  • Self-priming
  • Free unlimited technical support
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • 2-year warranty
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Aluminum housing
  • 6.5 HP champion engine


  • Requires priming during the first installation

Final Verdict
What sets this trash pump apart from its competitors is its price. It is the best choice when you are on a budget and want a reliable pumping solution. 

2. Multiquip Electric Submersible Trash Pump Review – (Editor’s Choice)

This is a submersible trash pump that can move a lot of water and very large solids of up to 1-inch diameter. It has a compact design with a heavy-duty cast iron casing that make it suitable for use in almost all the settings including office, home, and construction site.

The Multiquip ST2040T has dual shaft seals, 25 feet power cable, thermal overload protection, impeller with sealed ball bearings, and a 2-inch inlet. It can move up to 79 gallons per minute with a maximum head of 40 inches.

The downside to this trash pump is the price. Most customers find it to be rather expensive. However, considering the quality material used in its design you could always bear with paying the extra cash.

This pump is different from the others due to its small compact design. It can fit in small spaces making it ideal for almost all the locations you can think about. 


  • Cast iron impeller
  • 1-year warranty
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Up to 1-inch diameter solids


  • Expensive

Final Verdict
Individual who want a trash pump for different functions should consider buying it. This pump is portable and has a compact design that allows it to perform several different functions.

3. Generac Trash Water Pump Review.

Powered by a Generac 208cc engine, this trash pump can sustain up to 5 hours of work time with no glitches or malfunctions. It is equipped with a large steel tank with a 3-gallon capacity. With a pumping capacity of 158 gallons per minute, this trash pump is the ideal solution for huge projects with a lot of water.

The durable 1-inch frame ensures this pump can last in harsh environments while providing reliable services. It also features an automated low-oil shut-off to protect your engine from damages and breakdowns.

This pump is considered expensive by most customers especially when you factor in the accessories that you require as well. The functionality, however, is flawless and buyers find its performance to be worth the price.

What I love about this pump is the folding handle that makes transportation very easy. Unlike other trash pumps, this model has an easy to transport design. This feature is important when you need a trash pump for different functions.


  • Self-priming
  • Custom funnel design
  • Large steel fuel tank
  • Folding handle
  • 5 HP engine


  • Price

Final Verdict
The Generac 6822 is a good purchase when you require to use it on almost a daily basis. It is both reliable and durable for almost all types of jobs and the installation process is easy.

4. Tsurumi Submersible Trash Pump Review

The Tsurumi HS2.45 submersible trash pump has a 1/2 HP engine with a pumping capacity of 53 gallons per minute. It is one of the most top-rated trash pumps due to its amazing features like having the strongest seal available.

This pump can handle solids of up to 1/4 inches and incorporate a 45-degree discharge to minimize glitches in the discharge hoses.

Although I loved the 45-degree discharge angle, most consumers found it annoying especially when dealing with a narrow hole. It causes a little inconvenience since you need to adjust several angles to get access to the narrow holes.

One unique feature that makes the Tsurumi HS2.45 stand out from its competitors is the rubber urethane impeller. This impeller has a recessed vortex design and is incredibly tough thus allowing organic sludge and stringy materials to pass through it easily.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Rubber urethane impeller
  • Durable cast iron housing
  • Built-in thermal protection


  • 45-degree discharge

Final Verdict
This is the best model to use in your home. This is mostly due to the numerous safety features that ensure the pump is long-lasting.

5. NorthStar High Pressure Water Pump.

The NorthStar High-Pressure 120 GPH Water Pump is specially designed to push water to great heights and long distances. This is mostly due to its powerful 26-feet maximum suction lift.

It also includes a check valve which is instrumental in holding prime when the pump is not in use.

This pump has a 160cc Honda GX160 engine with an adjustable throttle that lets you easily control the pressure. Instead of the common aluminum seals, this model incorporates silicon carbide seals which are 15% tougher, 2 times harder, and 50% stronger.

The downside of this trash pump is the noise level. Unlike other similar products, this model tends to make louder engine sounds. This is, however not a problem when you factor in its great performance.

The NorthStar High-Pressure 120 GPH Water Pump is made different from its competitors by the industrial steel fully-welded roll cage. This awesome feature ensures this pump can handle Jobsite abuse perfectly.


  • 160cc Honda GX160 engine
  • Silicon carbide seals
  • 120 GPH
  • Adjustable throttle
  • Industrial steel cage


  • Noise level

Final Verdict
This trash pump is ideal for industrial work like construction sites. It can handle a lot of strain and is built to last even at harsh conditions.

How to Choose the Best Trash Pump For The Money

How to choose the best trash pump For The Money

Trash pumps are considered to be rather expensive and cost between 300-600 dollars for standard models, and over 1000 dollars for high-end models. It is therefore vital to find the best model trash pump that fits your budget and needs. Below are a few things you have to consider when you decide to buy a trash water pump.


You need to buy the correct type of trash pump that you require. When you buy an incorrect pump, you will have performance problems and you risk damaging the pump’s components. When selecting the type of trash pump that best suits you, try to consider these two aspects.

  • Type of water: Inspect your water properly and determine what lies in it. The size of the debris and solids in the water will greatly determine the type of trash pump you need to buy. Ensure your pump can handle the size of the solids without experiencing any difficulties.

  • Application: Depending on the task you want to perform, you will have to choose between the submersible trash pump and above water trash pump. Submersible trash pumps go into the water while the other trash pumps are set up above ground.


While all trash pumps are capable of moving water full of debris or trash from one point to the next, they are not designed in the same manner. There are certain key features that you need to consider such as self-priming.

Self-priming pumps are capable of lifting water from a point below the suction level of the pump without needing to first fill liquid in the suction piping. Always remember this important fact, all top trash pump must be self-priming. Another key feature to consider is the run dry capability which ensures your device is long-lasting.


Most, but not all, semi-trash and trash pumps have a portable design. It is very important to you go for trash pumps with a roll cage and handles to help you ease the workload during transportation. The portable pumps enable you to move to different locations around your home and job site.

 Now, trash pumps can be used for different functions due to their versatile nature. You mustn't limit the jobs done by your trash pump by buying a model that is not portable. Remember, these pumps cost a lot of money and you should get the most out of them.

Trash Pump Size

Trash pumps come in different sizes ranging from 2 inches to 12 inches and having a maximum pumping capacity of 6300 gallons per minute. When you need a trash pump for strictly home use, select between the 2- 4-inch models. This models sizes are the most commonly used and their performance is good enough to handle home applications.

Job sites might require the large size models especially when they operate for long continuous hours. Normally large-sized models have bigger fuel tanks that can guarantee a long run time and increased performance.


We stated earlier that trash pumps are expensive and will cost you a fortune. You need to rest easy knowing your trash pump is of high quality and is built to last. The best way to determine if your trash pump is of high-quality is by looking at the warranty.

Long-term warranties are usually associated with top-quality devices. The warranty also gives you some assurance should the newly bought trash pump experience certain glitches.

Best Trash Pump Buyer’s Guide

Best Trash Pump Buyer’s Guide

What Are Trash Pumps Used For?

Trash pumps are specially designed water pumps that can move water filled with solids and debris. Trash pumps have larger discharge openings and thicker impeller vanes to pump large volumes of liquids that contain solids.

Solids in water include leaves, mud, twigs, and sludge. Most people use trash pumps in ponds and lakes due to the sludge. However, these pumps are also great at construction sites usually for draining water after digging construction sites.

Do Trash Pumps Need Servicing?

Yes, trash pumps need servicing. Granted, trash pumps are built from durable materials to ensure they last. However, they require servicing like any other machine that you use. The best thing about trash pumps is that they will provide reliable services for long periods with zero maintenance.

How Are Trash Pumps Different From Water Pumps? 

Water pumps usually handle clear water with no solids or debris while trash pumps can move water full of solids. Water pumps are usually equipped with a strainer to filter out solids when pumping water with solids or debris.

Trash pumps, however, do not need strainers to move the solid filled water. Trash pumps are also considered to be more expensive than water pumps.

What Is a Semi-Trash Pump?

Semi-trash pumps are a trash pump type with smaller openings. The semi-trash pumps are designed to move huge volumes of liquid with small solids. Everything that is smaller than 3/4 inches is considered to be a small solid. Ideally, semi-solid trash pumps are used for sandy or slightly muddy water.

How Are Trash Pumps Primed?

The priming process for trash pumps is similar to that of other water pumps. However, most trash pumps are self-priming and you do not need to perform priming after initial installation. Trash pumps come with a check valve or foot valve to ensure they do not lose prime.

Priming is a rather simple procedure that you could do by yourself and you do not need the help of an expert. Read the manual to properly prime your pump during installation should you need to. It is usually a step by step tutorial that is easy to follow and execute.

Can I Use My Trash Pump to Move Clear Water?

Yes, trash pumps can move clear water. Although they were specially designed to deal with solid filled water, trash pumps can be used to transport clear water from one location to another.

Do not, however, buy a trash pump if you plan to use it in moving clear water only. This is because trash pumps are more expensive than the common water pumps which will offer you the same functionality.

Do I Need a Trash Pump?

If you are dealing with large water amounts containing soft and hard solids, then you need a trash water pump. These soft and hard solids include sand, twigs, leaves, sludge, and mud. Also, trash pumps are preferred in construction sites since they normally do not deal with clear water free from debris.

Once you identify that your problem requires a trash pump, do extensive research to determine the exact type of trash pump that suits you. The types of trash pumps include semi-trash pumps, submersible trash pumps, and diaphragm trash pumps. All the different types of trash pump are designed to perform certain specific applications that you need to be aware of.

Final Verdict

My pick of the best trash pump has to be the Champion 2-inch Semi-Trash Gas-Powered Water Transfer. It is a small-sized trash pump but with a very impressive performance and pump capacity. Its price is relatively fair and this gives it an edge over the rest of the similar trash pumps.

Affordability is key especially when most people nowadays live within a budget. This pump also satisfies all the things you need to consider when buying a trash pump including a 2-year warranty, and the self-priming feature.


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