Best Water Powered Sump Pump 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: January 01, 2021

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Basepump HB1000-PRO Premium

Liberty Pumps SJ10 SumpJet

Basepump RB750-EZ Premium

If you have a crawlspace or basement, chances are you need a sump pump. This holds true especially if you use your basement as a family room or home office! Take it from me, you definitely don’t want any water flooding your basement — 

Best Water Powered Sump Pump Reviews 2021

Even a small amount of water can lead to troublesome problems like mold! Thankfully, your sump pump prevents basement and crawlspace flooding! But what about if you lose power? Then you need the best water powered sump pump you can buy!

You’ll find a lot of different battery operated sump pumps on sale, but they simply can’t compare to the benefits of a water powered sump pump! This will do a much better job preventing flood damage in your basement.

Even when your electricity goes out because of a storm or accident, these pumps will do their job, and do it quicker than battery operated backup pumps!

  • We’ve also presented a helpful buying guide to realize the features. You shouldn’t skip out on and those that are just overkill. Let’s get started!

Selecting the Best Water Powered Sump Pump in January, 2021





1. Liberty Pumps SJ10

(Editor’s Choice)

2 Year Warranty

2. Basepump HB1000-PRO

(Editor’s Choice)

5-Year Limited Warranty

3. Superior Pump 92900

1 Year Limited Warranty

4. Basepump RB 750-EZ

5-year Limited Warranty

5. Basepump RB 750

5 Year Warranty

What is a Water Powered Sump Pump?

These backup pumps use zero electricity, have no battery supply, and don’t even need any moving parts! Instead, it uses water pressure from your incoming municipal water lines to clear your basement.

Depending on what water powered sump pump you install, you can count on clearing over 1,000 gallons of water an hour, preventing or mitigating flood damage in your home. 

No matter how long the electricity remains unavailable, your water powered pump will operate and protect your home while water flows out of your faucets.

Recommended Top 5 Water Powered Sump Pumps - In Depth Reviews

Here Are The Powered Sump Pumps We Are Reviewing Today

  • 1. Liberty SumpJet Water Powered Back-Up Pump Review
  • 2. Basepump High Volume Water Powered Backup Sump Pump
  • 3. Superior Battery Back Up Submersible Sump Pump Review
  • 4. Basepump Water Powered Backup Sump Pump Review
  • 5. Basepump Water Powered Backup Sump Pump Review

1. Liberty SumpJet Water Powered Back-Up Pump Review

The Liberty Pumps SJ10 moves a lot of water, discharging up to 1,185 gallons per hour. It does this at a pretty decent cost, so you can have peace of mind during the stormy season without spending a lot. It’s not perfect though.

You’ll need to have a sump pit that’s at least 18 inches across, and the pump sits across the top of the sump pit. That means that you can’t close your sump pit with a conventional lid. Unless you want to leave your pit uncovered, you’ll have to come up with a different solution. 

The Liberty Pumps SJ10 comes fully assembled, and with a thorough installation and instruction manual. This is good, because it is a little more difficult to install than some options, but nothing a do-it-yourself handyman can’t handle. The pump works well, but does create a fair amount of noise while operating.


  • Discharges up to 1,185 gallons of water per hour.
  • Very efficient design won’t make your water bill skyrocket during operation.
  • Arrives pre-assembled and ready to install with thorough instructions.
  • A good cost-effective solution for a backup sump pump.
  • Very reliable water powered pump that should last a long time.


  • This pump is fairly loud.
  • Requires your sump pit to have at least an 18 inch diameter.

2. Basepump High Volume Water Powered Backup Sump Pump

The Basepump HB1000 offers a wealth of features, and this makes it an extremely popular choice for homeowners. I like that the Basepump HB1000 installs overhead, unlike most other options.

This makes it easier to install in irregularly shaped or sized sump pits, and also gives it the ability to completely drain the sump pit when it runs.

Do you need to move a lot of water? The HB1000 will discharge 900 - 1,400 gallons of water per hour, and it does so very efficiently — you water bill won’t shoot through the roof if you need to use this pump! You can easily install the HB1000, and it comes with a remarkable five year warranty.


  • Overhead installation works with smaller sized sump pits
  • Moves 900 - 1,400 gallons per hour.
  • Battery powered high water alarm alerts you to the presence of flooding.
  • Operates very efficiently, so you reduce water usage.
  • Comes with an awesome five year warranty.


  • The HB1000 is an expensive option.

3. Superior Battery Back Up Submersible Sump Pump Review

Though this article focuses on water powered sump pumps, I feel that it’s important to include a battery powered backup for comparison purposes.

This backup system works well to move about 1,380 gallons of water per hour using a 12 volt lead-acid deep cycle battery, like you would use in an RV or in marine applications. 

The Superior Pump comes with a float system shut off, and a high water alarm to let you know when the water level gets high enough to raise concerns.

The flaw, of course, is that should your power remain off for any significant length of time — not unlikely in many areas — that the battery will run out of power and you’ll still find yourself with flood damage. 


  • Good cost for a short term back up.
  • Pump and battery housing are made of high quality, durable plastic.
  • Pretty easy to install.
  • Pumps a plenty of gallons per hour while in operation.
  • I like having a high water alarm to warn me of rising water levels.


  • This battery powered option is only good for short power outages.

4. Basepump Water Powered Backup Sump Pump Review

If your home has a smaller basement, the Basepump RB 750-EZ offers a high quality option for you. This pump moves between 700 and 900 gallons per hour and is recommended only for basements under 2,500 square feet.

In all other regards, the RB 750-EZ resembles Basepump’s other offering on this list, the HB1000. It mounts on the ceiling, has a great high water alarm and can be used with a smaller or oddly shaped sump hole. 

Unlike it’s big brother, however, some users find the RB 750-EZ to be incredibly loud. You will want to consider installing a water hammer arrestor to prevent noise and potential vibration damage. 


  • Works great for smaller basements that require less water removed per hour.
  • Excellent high water alarm.
  • Easy to install, ceiling mounted system.
  • Works with smaller sump pits.
  • Has Basepump’s stellar five year warranty


  • Still more expensive than other water powered sump pumps.
  • Can only discharge up to 900 gallons per hour.

5. Basepump Water Powered Backup Sump Pump Review

No doubt you’ve notice that this entry looks very familiar. It should, because the Basepump RB 750 is exactly like the RB 750-EZ with one notable exception — the RB 750-EZ includes everything you need for installation; push-fit pipe fittings, a brass dual check valve backflow preventer and shutoff valve, a tee and adapter so that you can easily install it right out of the box.

This model, the RB 750 does not come with those, so if you are already have those solutions available, you can save money by not buying replacements that you don’t need.

Otherwise these models are the same — you’ll still get great pumping action in basements smaller than 2,500 square feet, and the pump can still handle up to 900 gallons per hour.


  • Good choice for those who already have check valves and shut off valves installed in their system.
  • Excellent for smaller basements that need less water discharged per hour.
  • The same great ceiling mounted system as other Basepump options.
  • Excellent high water alarm.
  • Basepump’s excellent five year warranty


  • Not as easy to install out of the box.
  • Only discharges up to 900 gallons per hour.

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How to choose the Best Water Powered Sump Pump

It can be difficult to figure out which water powered sump pump will do the best job in your home. If you don’t know which backup sump pump to install in your basement, keep these considerations in mind as you shop.

Basement And Sump Pit Size.

Some water powered sump pumps will only work with smaller basements, while others can be used in basements of any size. Likewise, some require that your sump pit meet certain size restrictions. Keep that in mind as you’re shopping, and know the size of your sump pit and the square footage of your basement. By having that information ready, you won’t end up with the wrong size backup pump!

Amount of Water Expected.

Do you get small storms where you live, or does your house sit in a flood plain? How much rain does your area get on average? Just like some water powered sump pumps will only work for certain basement sizes, they also have a maximum amount of water they can discharge per hour.

Of course, you can never know how much water you will actually have to face, but you can have an idea of how much water your area has faced in the recent past. That way, you can have some guidelines into how much water you should expect to pump every hour.

Noise Prevention.

Are you worried about water hammer noise or just loud operation in general? It may not seem like a big deal, but for a lot of houses water hammer can actually indicate — or cause — larger problems. If nothing else, some people simply have trouble with loud noises; if that’s you, keep in mind that some water powered sump pumps generate more noise than others.


Money isn't everything, but we shouldn’t pretend that it doesn’t play a role in our decision making process. You have a budget for your home, and you need to find a backup sump pump that will fit that budget. Some of these water powered sump pumps are more cost prohibitive than others, so keep that in mind as you look for the right one for your home.

Don’t forget, however, the unseen costs when you’re shopping. For example, some battery powered back ups cost less initially, but they simply don’t have the longevity of water powered pumps.

After heavy use you will have to replace the battery, and during periods of prolonged power outage, you could still incur flood damage when the battery dies.

Peace of Mind.

In the end, the number one factor to consider when selecting a water powered sump pump is your own peace of mind. Can you rely on your pump to protect your home from flood damage? Can you worry less knowing that you have a powered sump pump installed? Look for a brand you can trust and easily install so you know for a fact that you don’t have water rising in your basement.

Best Water Powered Sump Pump Buyer’s Guide

Why Should I install a Second Sump Pump in My Basement?

The water powered sump pump you install operates only in the case of an emergency. For instance, if you lose power during your storm. When your sump pump loses power it won’t run, and the top powered sump pump can take over as a backup. As long as you still have running water, you’ll be able to discharge water from your basement

Why Use a Water Powered Sump Pump Instead of a Battery Powered Backup?

You can use a battery powered back up, and many people do, but they come with limitations. The biggest problem with a battery operated sump pump is that eventually the battery will run out of power. That’s not a big deal during a short power outage, but can prove disastrous during longer outages.

A water powered sump pump will function as long as you still have running municipal water. That means that if you have an electrical outage that lasts a week, you can still prevent flooding from destroying your basement.

Will a Water Powered Sump Pump Raise Your Water Bill?

Yes, because you will be running municipal water the entire time in order to generate the water pressure for discharging floodwater. Although this will raise your water bill, it generally costs less than you expect, depending on what pump you install.

More importantly, even when running for multiple days, the cost of operation will never be more expensive than repairing the destruction of a flooded basement.

Can I Replace My Electric Powered Sump Pump With a Water Powered Sump Pump?

The water powered sump pump should only be used as a backup system, not as your primary sump pump. An electric sump pump is more efficient, and is better able to handle flood prevention in your home. You should only install a water powered sump pump in conjunction with an electric sump pump.

What if I Don’t Use Municipal or City Water?

If you use well water, you may not have the option of using a water powered sump pump. Don’t rule it out immediately, however! Contact your municipal water provider. Even if you don’t use the municipal water as your primary source, you may have access to a city connection that you could use in case of emergency.

Why Would I install a Pump That Discharges Lower Gallons Per Hour?

If you have a smaller basement or don’t live in an area that experiences as much flooding, you may save money by installing a water powered sump pump that discharges fewer gallons per hour. These typically use less municipal water while in operation and can thus save you money on your water bill.

Always keep the size of your basement and the amount of water you need to discharge in mind as you shop for the right water powered sump pump for your home.

Can I install My Water Powered Sump Pump Myself or Do I Need a Professional Installation?

Many water powered sump pumps are simple enough that you can absolutely install them yourself. They require basic tools that many homeowners already have, and basic plumbing skills. If you don’t feel comfortable with the tools needed, or just want to make sure that the job is done properly, a professional will be able to do the installation for you quickly and easily.

Final Verdict

Every basement is different, but if I had to recommend the best water powered sump pump for anyone’s use, I would always go with the Basepump HB1000-Pro. Although it’s the most expensive option, it also provides the most reliable service, discharges the most gallons per hour, and comes with an impressive five year warranty.

It’s the easiest pump I’ve ever installed, and the high water alarm always lets me know when I need to turn it on. The only exception to this recommendation would be if you have an exceptionally small basement and only need to discharge a very small amount of water.

Otherwise, I would recommend using the Basepump HB1000-Pro as the water powered sump pump in your basement. It will keep your home dry no matter the weather, and no matter how long your power is out. No other back up pump can compete!


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