Best Weed Sprayer 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: March 01, 2021

Best Weed Sprayer Reviews 2021
Are you in the market to purchase a pump for spraying weeds that gets the job done every time? Are you tired of searching through countless online listings to no avail? Due to the large variety of tools available, making a decision is rather overwhelming to many people.


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Fountainhead Sprayers



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That's why we decided to create this handy guide for potential customers just like you. This guide not only lists the best options around but also equips you with the knowledge to acquire the best pump sprayer for weeds on your own.

Why Buy a Weed sprayer?

A weed sprayer is an excellent tool for a cavalcade of different reasons. They make jobs much easier and frees up a bunch of your time.

  • You can measure the exact amount of chemicals you will need for each job

  • Easily adjust the intensity of the spray with intuitive controls

  • Stop or start the stream at will

  • Use concentrated materials that are way more effective than premixed compounds

  • Spray the underbelly of leaves where most diseases and insects call home

Selecting the Best Weed Sprayer in March, 2021





1. Smith Contractor 190216

(Editor’s Choice)

Fountainhead Sprayers

2. Smith Performance Sprayers R200

Smith Performance Sprayers

3. Smith Contractor 190504



(Editor’s Choice)


5. Field King 190515

The Fountainhead Group, Inc.

Recommended the Best Weed Sprayer - In Depth Reviewed

1. Smith Contractor 190216 , Weed Killers, Herbicides, and Insecticides - (Editor’s Choice)

This versatile sprayer is great for both personal lawn care and commercial operations. The comfortable grip keeps you in control as you pump harsh chemicals or clean completed areas. The commercial-grade shutoff is great for emergency stops, and the inline filter is very easy to clean after heavy usage.

The 21-inch poly wand is augmented by Viton gaskets that resist damage from prolonged chemical exposure. There is a convenient nozzle holster that allows you to store the wand with ease. 

This is one pump that won't need to be replaced every other year. When you need to change fluids, the pressure release safety valve prevents harmful chemicals from getting on your clothes or skin.

Adjusting each nozzle is also a cinch. With just a mere twist, you can choose from four separate spray options. The fine mist cone is the default setting, and it makes covering large areas quick and simple. 

The low-volume fan nozzle helps you with precision targeting of specific areas. The high-volume fan nozzle is there when you need broader coverage. Finally, the foaming nozzle is great when you want to see where you have already sprayed.

Final Verdict
Overall, this two-gallon sprayer from Smith and Contractor really comes in clutch for a variety of situations. You can take on pesky weeds at home, or you can start a commercial project with relative ease. In either case, this model keeps you safe and comfortable on even the longest assignments. 


  • Large variety of muzzle types
  • Safety release valve to prevent accidents


  • Default pump seal is a bit lacking

2. Smith Performance Compression Sprayer 

This professional-grade sprayer is great for tackling multiple jobs each day. The surface area resists chemical damage, and the rugged construction can easily withstand being jostled during transport.

The Poly wand is 21 inches of durable stainless steel that still looks brand new after being used numerous times. The Viton seals provide the utmost chemical resistance during prolonged exposures.

The high-efficiency pump requires 25% less work than similar hose type sprayers. The inline filter provides plenty of space so you won't be encountering clogs any time soon.

When it comes time for inevitable repairs, the seals are easy to swap out without the use of any tools. It's great for anyone who would rather spend time working than dealing with general maintenance.

There is one quirk that you should be aware of before purchasing this unit. When the wand is placed in the storage tray, small amounts of liquid can be discharged into the tray.

It may look like a defect, but this is how the sprayer offsets the residual pressure that builds up during use. The liquid will drain from the bottom of the tray on its own. Your tank is not leaking if you notice this spillage after using the sprayer all day.

Final Verdict
Smith Performance delivers an outstanding sprayer that is best for professional usage. It is equipped to handle multiple jobs per day without strain. Once you get used to the small amount of drainage produced by the wand, this sprayer is an excellent choice. If you just need something for personal lawn care, you may prefer a sprayer that is less fancy and more cost-effective.


  • Rugged enough for professionals
  • Potent seals that keep chemicals at bay
  • Easy to transport from job to job


  • Liquid spillage from the bottom of the storage tray

3. Smith Contractor 190504 Sprayer for Weed Killers Herbicides and Insecticides.

If you are looking for a sprayer that is good in most scenarios, then this model is seriously worth considering. You can clean, sanitize, and apply harsh chemicals with ease using the intuitive pump control. There is a commercial-grade shut-off that gives you full control during long sprays.

The inline filter is very easy to clean which helps keeps blockages to a minimum. The poly wand is 14 inches and sealed to the max. The Viton gaskets keep all manner of chemicals contained during extended assignments.

There is also a backup pressure release valve that prevents unwanted chemicals from getting on your clothes during operation.

There are a total of five nozzles to help you tackle any kind of job. The ploy and brass adjustable ends work well for most jobs. When you require something more specific, you can swap to the two flat fans or the foaming nozzle to cover all of your bases.

Final Verdict
Smith Contractors has created a very versatile sprayer that just about anyone needing lawn care will find useful. The multiple nozzles ensure that this sprayer can handle any job that is thrown at it. Plus, it is easy to clean which means it will last you that much longer before needing repairs or replacement.


  • Professional shutoff reduces hand fatigue during long jobs
  • Pressure release valave keeps you safe from chemical exposure
  • Accessible tray for simple wand storage


  • Plastic construction that wouldn't do well in an industrial setting

4. Chapin 20541, 1 Gallon Lawn, Garden and Multi-Purpose Sprayer

The white translucent surface of this sprayer provides a unique benefit. You can easily pour the desired amount of chemicals since you can see the liquid through the container. If you have ever accidentally wasted precious chemicals before, this is a great product to consider.

This sprayer is compatible with common pesticides, weed killers, and fertilizers. Each tank comes equipped with an ergonomic handle that makes pumping a breeze.

If you have to carry it long distances, the handle is also great at reducing strain on your muscles. With a twist of the handle, it is easy to adjust the rate at which the chemicals flow.

Chapin is a reputable brand, and you can call their customer service line at any time to get assistance in picking out the perfect chemical for the job. They also offer online technical support through their website.

If you want a bit of help with your personal lawn care projects, then this is a huge bonus.

Final Verdict
This sprayer from Chapin is a great investment for first-time lawn owners. The translucent body and technical support options make it great for beginners. It also has the functionality to get most home-sized jobs done with ease.


  • Takes the guesswork out of pouring chemicals
  • Great handle that helps fend off fatigue
  • Compatible with all chemical types


  • The seals could be much tighter by default

5. M4 MY4SONS Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer - (Editor’s Choice)

This electric sprayer is great for when you absolutely don't want to manually pump. It can go a continuous seven hours before needing to be recharged. The included battery charger juices you up in just eight hours if you run out.

With just a flip of a switch, you can control the range of output from 20 to 60 psi. This is a great way to save battery life by using less power.

You also get both a stainless steel wand and an acid bleach wand for tougher jobs. There is a locking mechanism on the handle which keeps the flow of chemicals secure. The large wide mouth lid is a nice touch that keeps debris out of the sprayer. 

You even get five different nozzles that will prepare you for all manner of jobs right out of the box. The fog tip, in particular, is great for putting the finishing touches on a project.

The backpack handles make it easy to take this sprayer to a wide variety of jobs and projects. While on your travels, you can use the handy pockets to organize the rest of your belongings. 

There is even a quick charging compartment to house the battery while out and about. The included XXL shoulder pads give solid protection when dealing with harsh environments.

Final Verdict
This backpack sprayer from MY4SONS is excellent for anyone who just needs a quick solution to a weed problem. The battery lasts long enough to get any job done without you needing to manually pump.

It's lightweight and easy enough to carry in whatever scenario you are placed in. Plus, it performs well at a wide variety of professional tasks.


  • Travel pouches makes organization a breeze
  • Long battery life that lasts all day
  • One year manufacturer's warranty is included


  • The hose isn't very sturdy

6. Field King Professionals Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer.

This battery-powered sprayer is very well suited to professional jobs and projects. It can pump 50 gallons worth of solution in just a four-hour window. If there is a heavy-duty assignment to finish, Field King has your back. The 2.1AH charger gets the battery back up to full in just three and a half hours.

The default spray pressure is set to 40 psi. If you need a stronger output, you can equip specialty nozzles that perform better. The steel frame is coated with powder to prevent chemical damage over time. The back harness provides support and comfort for jobs that require multiple hours of continuous spray.

The filtration system uses three layers to reduce the amount of clogging you'll experience. This makes it great for anyone who routinely forgets to unclog their equipment. There are four nozzles included in the box. If you want more, tee jet nozzles are also accepted.

Final Verdict
This backpack sprayer is great for professionals that need to move between jobs at a moment's notice. The strap is comfortable, and the battery charges up quickly between locations. The three-pronged filtration system makes it less likely that your sprayer will jam in the middle of a long day.


  • Many different nozzles to choose from
  • Durable surface that keeps chemical damage to a minimum
  • Fast battery charger that keeps the liquid flowing


  • Pressure builds up slowly during initial output

How to Choose the Best Weed Sprayer

How to Choose the Best Weed Sprayer

These are just a few guidelines for choosing the best sprayer for the job. When researching each model, pay attention to how many of these considerations are met.

Adjustable Speeds

Pumps that let you make slight adjustments to the pressure during output are the most efficient. Every job has a perfect flow rate and being able to adjust the psi on the fly is the best way to find the sweet spot.

Look for dials that let you choose the psi just by rotating them. This will save you tons of materials in the long run, and it will improve battery life on electric models.

Learn About Noise Levels

Like any power tool, weed sprayers are liable to make tons of noise. It doesn't matter how loud a pump is at an industrial site, but the noise level is very important during personal lawn care.

You don't want to upset your neighbors or have the police called if you produce enough of a racket. Consider a permanent magnet motor for home environments. They are nearly inaudible at lower rpm settings.


Each weed sprayer is built with a unique purpose in mind. Sprayers meant for home use offer lower output volume at a much cheaper price. Professional-grade equipment is more expensive but optimized to cover larger areas much faster. When choosing a weed sprayer, think ahead about all of the locations you intend to use it.

If you see yourself only tending to your personal lawn, you can save some money by opting for a smaller unit. If you plan to do large scale jobs and a few things around the house, then you will want to get a more versatile unit.

Nozzle Types

Each nozzle is best for different types of tasks. Some shoot in cone patterns and others shower whatever you are spraying with everything you have. It stands to reason that the more types of nozzles a sprayer supports, the more functionality you will get to enjoy. Look for pumps that come with four or more starter nozzles. If the sprayer supports additional add-on nozzles, then that's a sweet bonus as well.

Dispensing Mechanisms

The equipped nozzle is only as good as the machine it is attached to. Most sprayers use a hose-like wand to control where the fluid goes. These wands use either wet or dry booms to get the output flowing. Dry booms carry liquid through a tube attached to the beam.

Wet booms use pipes inside the beam to transport the fluid. They are pretty similar, although dry booms tend to last a bit longer before wearing down.

Best Weed Sprayer Buyer's Guide

Best Weed Sprayer Buyer's Guide

Here are answers to some of the most common questions regarding weed sprayers.

Do I Need Different Nozzles for Different Chemical Types?

Yes, there are four main types of chemicals that may require different nozzles based on their proper droplet size and chemical pressure. Herbicides and fertilizers work best with nozzles that output low pressure with high droplet size. Fungicides and insecticides generally require higher pressure and smaller droplet size to be most effective. When in doubt, check the chart of proper droplet sizes on the chemical you are using. 

Can I Use The Same Nozzles On Both My Pull-Type And Self-Propelled Sprayer?

Yes, as long as you mind the difference in speed. A self-propelled motor will go twice as fast as a pull-type. If you have a ten-gallon pull nozzle, you could use a five-gallon self-propelled tip to bridge the gap.

How Do I Know The Flow Meter Is Accurate?

There is a tag on every flow meter known as the flow calibration number. You must make sure that the number matches the calibration number located on the rate controller. If they line up, you can begin the re-calibration process to get everything back in sync.

How Can I Manage Weed Resistance Buildup?

Diseases and weeds will naturally build up resistance to agricultural chemicals if you repeatedly use the same products over and over. Your best bet is to constantly cycle out different products in a rotation that keeps the weeds guessing. You can stay ahead of fungicide resistance by using alternate activity groups. To prevent resistance to herbicides, cycle through all the modes of action you have access to.

What To do If My Control Valve Stops Working?

Many modern sprayers allow you to toggle between manual and auto mode. If your sprayer is switched to auto, you won't be able to adjust the flow rate. Switch it back to manual mode in order to test out your flow control. If problems still persist, please contact the manufacturer's customer service representatives.

Can I Spray During Extreme Heat or Drought Conditions?

A majority of the products on the market work in conjunction with the weed's natural growing conditions. If a weed is under heat stress, it may not respond to the chemical reaction. Check the label on each chemical you plan to use to see if they still work in extreme temperatures. 

How Does a Rate Controller Work?

A rate controller uses variables such as the programmed rate, speed, and boom width to adjust the level of the flow meter. Once the connection is made, the control valve is opened or closed in order to sync up both meters.

Final Verdict

We looked at several different weed sprayers that have been dominating the market. While all of these models are quite spectacular, there can be only one that earns the title of best pump sprayer for weeds.

All things considered, the Smith Contractor 190216 and M4 by MY4SONS is the clear winner of this roundup. The colossal battery lasts for seven hours which will get you through even the longest days with some charge left.

The unit is easy to carry on your back thanks to the lightweight and durable construction. It can easily assist you in the biggest variety of tasks which makes it our overall favorite weed sprayer to recommend.


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