Best Well Pressure Tank 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: January 01, 2021

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Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank

WaterWorker Vertical Well Tank

Wellmate Captive Air and Fiberglass 

If you own a home, you understand the importance of having a constant supply of water. While the municipality guarantees you just that, things go wrong. So you do not have to depend on them so much; you will be in for big trouble when you need water when you need it the most. That is why you need a well at your property. 

Having a well is the first step to having a constant supply in your home or office, but having the best well pressure tank is good enough. This will draw the water from the residential or office tank and supply it all through the fixtures at a good enough speed.

A well pressure tank ensures that you are sorted with a constant supply of water whenever you need it. We spent more than 54 hours reviewing and physically testing water well water pumps and came out with the best one.

We used stringent testing methods in terms of the pressure tank’s ease of usage, size, performance, brand, and other features. Read on to know what well pressure pump is the best to purchase or your perfect well pressure pump replacement

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Selecting the Best Well Pressure Tank in January, 2021





1. Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank

(Editor’s Choice)

2 to 44 Gallons

2. WaterWorker 25009 20Gal Vertical Well Tank

(Editor’s Choice)


3. Wellmate WM-9 / WM0120QC Fiberglass Tank


4. WaterWorker HT-32B Vertical Pressure Well Tank


5. Red Lion 97080503 Shallow Well Jet Pump and Tank

5.3 to 14 gallons

Top 6 Best Well Pressure Tank - In Depth Reviews

Here Are The Pressure Tank  We Are Reviewing Today

  • 1. Amtrol Well Pressure Tank Review
  • 2. WaterWorker Vertical Well Tank Review
  • 3. Wellmate Best Pressure Tank
  • 4. WaterWorker Pressure Well Tank
  • 5. Red Lion Shallow Well Jet Pump and Tank
  • 6. Flotec Water System Tank Review

1. Amtrol Well Pressure Tank Review - (Editor’s Choice)

When you are searching for a good well pressure tank that will suit your needs, you need to have a look at the Amtrol pressure tank WX 202. For ones, the quality is excellent. It is sure to last you for a long time without needing any repairs.

So, in essence, it will save you some cost when compared to using a substandard pressure tank. The materials used to manufacture it are hand-picked, so you are sure that it will be reliable and will last long.

Even if it is touted to be among the best in the market, it has its hitches. One of them is that it is a medium-sized tank, and therefore, it is only suitable for residential use. You can also only use it on small industrial premises like few offices since it produces no so much pressure to pump water.

The best thing about it, though, is the fact that its compact footprint saves on installation space. Another advantage is that it has a corrosion-resistant polypropylene liner on the inside, so you are sure that neither salty water neither highly acidic water will destroy it. This way, you can count on it to serve you for long, much longer than a standard pressure tank would.

Final Verdict
This is the best buy since it comes charges at 38psi, which, if you don’t need that much pressure, you can lower it to 28 psi. This is appropriate for the standard residential pressure delivery of between 30 to 50 pressure switch in most homes. Another thing is that it needs only minimal space and can comfortably fit in any space.


  • Installation is easy
  • Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty of
  • Fits well in any space
  • Comes with a positive hoop ring seal that secures the diaphragm as well as the liner for durability


  • The warranty information might be misleading

2. WaterWorker Vertical Well Tank Review - (Editor’s Choice)

What features do you scout for when searching for the best well water tanks for your home? Definitely a lot of features, and if you thought that the WaterWorker wouldn’t meet your needs, then you need to give its features an in-depth look.

This company, to start with, is one of the famous brands that won’t leave you hanging whenever you need a hand in the well water connection into your household.

That said, there are always mishaps. To start with, the pressure tank might arrive home poorly packaged, minutes after you checkout. If not properly packaged, it can arrive with a bent fledge, leave alone several dents on it.

 Its functions, therefore, will be impeded, or it won’t leave up to your expectations. Another thing is that the warranty period might be in question.

The best thing, however, is that the pressure water tank has been designed to meet all the set agreements as listed by the National Sanitation Foundation under the ANSI/ NSF std 61. Its Butyl diaphragm comes with seamless construction and flexes and does not stretch or crease like a bladder tank.

On the other hand, the polypropylene line in the water reservoir doesn't flake. It does not chip either and does not chip. Therefore it will last you for quite a long time.

Final Verdict
Having a well pressure tank that comes pre-charged is good enough. This way, you have an option to reduce the pressure and suit your household pressure needs.

It will suit you more also if your pressure needs at home are way more than that of a standard household. In the case of the WaterWorks250009, it comes pre-charged with up to 25psi.


  • This well pressure tank comes coated with a high gloss enamel painting meaning that it is resistant to the element
  • Designed to last for long thanks to the polypropylene liner that protects it from peeling off, chipping and cracking
  • Does not cause the water to have an odor or weird taste


  • The diaphragm may not last
  • You cannot return it if you are unable to use 

3. Wellmate Best Pressure Tank 

If you are a homeowner in search of a well pressure tank, you only have few options. One of them would be the WellMate WM-9. You need one that is durable, one that does not bow down to element, and one which is rust-resistant. After our research, we are certain that this is one of the best well water tanks that is worth your time and money. 

While it is praised to be the best pressure tanks, some units may not last for long. However, this does not apply to all units. Only a few buyers complained that it lasted for a few years after installation. The company has also been in the business for long; however, the quality must have been going down over the years.

The best thing, however, is that they come with a seal of epoxy-resin, which seals the outer shell. This ensures that the unit does not dent. The abrasion-resistant paint, on the other hand, prevents touch-ups.

These alone make the tank almost maintenance-free. Another plus is that it is lightweight in that it weighs nearly half the weight of a steel tank. The installation process is also a walk in the park.

Final Verdict
While it comes in a star-free construction, which makes the tank corrosion-free, the tank might not be the best to buy, especially if you are not a DIYer. If you are not a do-it-your-own fellow, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets to hire a professional to install it for you. 


  • They are corrosion resistant thanks to their star-free construction
  • A small, 30-gallon tank fulfills your residential demands
  • You benefit from the labor warranty options


  • Earlier versions lasted for long, not this version

4. WaterWorker Pressure Well Tank 

Finding the best pressure tank for your well is not a piece of cake. Most of the time, you will stumble on poor quality units. You become lucky when you purchase the WaterWorker HT-32B. Unlike earlier versions that may not work excellently on your residence, this one will work wonders. The pump delivers the best pressure in psi that you need. It is a larger pressure tank and one of great quality.

This water pump is touted to be among the best to buy, as a new one or as a replacement. There is not much that is negative to talk about it, other than the fact that it comes in one color; blue.

The pump has a steel shell that provides enough strength as well as durability. On the other hand, it also has a polypropylene line that keeps the air pressure separated from the water that gets pumped into your house. The same material also separates bad odor from the water, ensuring that you get fresh and refreshing water into your household.

Final Verdict
You want to invest in this well pressure tank since it is easy to install, unlike many in the market today. If you are a DIYer, you will love spending time to install it yourself at home. Its heavier than the standard diaphragm in most well pressure tanks makes it the best buy that will last for extended life. 


  • The heavy-duty diaphragm makes it last long
  • Comes with lock rings that provide airtight diaphragm seal over the years
  • The tank stores buffer the water, so you don’t have to worry about power loss
  • This tank comes in a simple design


  • Only available in one color

5. Red Lion Shallow Well Jet Pump and Tank

There are well tanks, and there are those that come as a complete unit. An example is the Red Lion 97080503. It is praised for being the best in the market as you do not have to buy a couple more accessories to fix it to make it work. The pre-charged 0.5 HP jet pump is factory assembled; it is easy to use.

While it is one of the best one to get in the market, you might experience a few bottlenecks here and there. For instance, even though it comes as a complete unit and ready for installation, after the installation, you might experience it leaking water due to a humorous crease on the outlet joint. A few more people complain of it having horrible pressure.

On the other hand, this pressure pump for wells is greatly constructed and works quietly. It is also powerful and feels great to use it. It also is easy to use since it comes with a pre-installed jet pump and pre-charged pressure tank; thus, you do not need to hire a contractor for some advanced installation tasks.

Final Verdict
This is yet another well pressure tank that is worth your time and money, as you can easily install it and have it running. The design is also stable and compact.

This well pressure pump is made using rugged cast iron, so it guarantees you to last long and is resistant to corrosion and elements. Unlike standard pumps, this one comes with a switch that sustains up to 30 to 50 psi. It can use anything from 115 to 230 volts, thus it is energy efficient and the best to use at home.


  • This unit comes with a shallow well pump
  • It is robustly constructed to serve you for long
  • Using it is a breeze


  • Few cases of leaking have been reported
  • Delivers horrible pressure

6. Flotec Water System Tank Review

Everything in the market is supposedly durable, but there is more than meets the eye. This is from the water tap you buy, down to the well pressure tank you think is the finest.

Do not be taken for granted anymore by the counterfeit manufacturers who will always sell you counterfeit. The Flotec Precharged pressure tank is among the best to buy without regrets. 

While it is the best to have, what are the regrets that you are bound to experience if you don’t buy the best one? Here, customer service. This puts off many customers.

While the tank is great, this company has not in the recent past, as per our research, known how quality customer support should be. Sometimes they are rude, or won’t pick calls or reply to emails. Also, these pumps do not have the handy pump mount.

The best thing though is that the horizontally designed well pressure tank will hold up to 19 gallons, which is the best capacity for residential. It also is compact yet lightweight, meaning that you do not have to tip the delivery driver to get it to your driveway or door.

Also, when compared to the rest, this is a relatively affordable pressure tank that will last you for long.

Final Verdict
With a heavy-gauge steel construction, you are sure to save more on maintenance charges, leave alone the operation cost as it is highly efficient. Also, it comes with water and separator, which means that you have seamlessly flowing water in your homestead or office.

Not most companies know that separating air from the water gives them a marketing edge, and that is why this smart company knows how this is important. For this reason, you have to go with this pump if you need something different.


  • You can depend on it on your homestead as it will offer up to 19 gallons capacity
  • The unit is lightweight, compact and lasts long
  • Has the air and water separator 


  • Customer service is wanting
  • Doesn’t come with a pump mount

How to Choose the Best Well Pressure Tank

Best Well Pressure Tank reviews

When purchasing any appliance, you will need to know the features and the benefits it has. Many products in the market make it hard for an individual to select the best well pressure. Furthermore, if you are poorly guided, you might end up purchasing a poorly performing product that does not deliver. This guide will help you navigate the murky terrain of finding the best there is in the market today.

The Pressure Tank Capacity

Before you purchase a pressure tank, consider the amount of water used in your house. If you want a pressure tank for basic needs, then you should consider a small size tank. On the other hand, if you intend it for other domestic uses like irrigation, then you will need a high capacity pressure tank. Always look at a tank's rating and factor in your needs before you select one.

Ease of Installation

When purchasing a well pressure tank, you should check the design of the tank. The design determines whether the tank will fit in the space that you intended to have it installed.

Once you figure out the right size of the tank, then you have little to worry about how you will install it, as you had planned about this upfront. Also, you need to look for one that won’t require additional cost for installation; in that, you don’t have to hire a professional to do the mounting and fixing of the pipes if you are a DIY.

Your Budget

Buying expensive does not always mean that you are buying quality. Purchasing cheap, on the other hand, does not always mean that you are saving costs. You need to know what your household needs in the first place, and what a great product to get, that falls within your budget.

Always ensure that you do your homework to find the ideal well pressure tank that suits the pressure needs of your home or office. You can get the insight through going through several online pages on what is the best one to purchase, and how much the ideal one costs.

Pressure Switching Testing

Before purchasing one, you need to know the pressure which the tank utilizes to turn on and off when filling up the tank. 20/40, 30/50, and 40/60 are the pressure settings available in a pressure tank. The number at the beginning that is 20 or 30 is the pressure the tank requires to turn back on.

The second number is the pressure at which your tan turns off. Drawdown capacity is profoundly affected by the number that turns off the pressure pump.

For instance, when you have a pressure tank that is 40/60 switch, you will have less drawdown than when you have a pressure tank that has a switch of 30/50. To determine drawdown capacity, asks for a drawdown chart from your manufacturer to determine the drawdown capacity based on pressure switch capacity.

Best Well Pressure Tank – Ultimate Guide & Reviews

The Ease of Use

There are many well pressure tank manufacturers today. Each one of them wants to be unique to get a marketing edge. Therefore, their pressure tank designs come in different ways. Some are hard to use, while others are easy to use.

If you are not that technical, you can get one that you can operate easily. This one will save you the time that you’d have otherwise spent learning how to operate one.

The bottom line is that whether it is made using the latest technology or just a standard industry-level pressure tank, you need to get one that is easy for you to operate. 

Best Well Pressure Tank Buyer’s Guide

The essential constituent that makes up the latest well system is a well pressure tank. This system will maintain the system pressure as well as the water pump release.

They do not come cheap, and therefore when searching for one, you need to ensure that you get the right one. Here are some of the questions that boggle most buyers whenever they are in search of one. But I will put the answers into perspective.

What Size of Pump Do I Need?

Every well water pump has a rating, in gallons per minute. This is denoted (gpm). Therefore, you need to understand your homestead water usage to know what size that fits your needs.

You do not have to go for one that has so much pressure that will go to waste. To put it into perspective, if you own a four-bedroom hose, the ideal pressure pump that rated 12gpm. For a three-bedroom one, the one rated eight gpm is excellent.

What Components Should I Check On in Quality a Well Pressure Pump?

The pump functions best; it is manufactured using handpicked components. Getting one with the sturdy components will serve you for long, even past its stipulated warranty. The best components will see you that you save a lot of bucks yearly in repair after the warranty period has expired.

For one, you do not need to purchase a pressure tank that needs repair and servicing each other week. By the time it runs for a year, it will be obsolete, and getting a replacement will be inevitable.

Does The Depth of My Well Matter When Purchasing a Pressure Tank?

If you prefer to buy a shallow jet pump, you will need to place it above the ground, as that is where it is supposed to be placed. It will draw water using the inlet pipe. The deep well jet, on the other hand, is meant to for above ground.

This jet draws water using one pipe then pushes it through the other one. For a submersible deep well pump, it comes with one pipe which goes from the inside of your residential well to your home before connecting to your interior home.

Therefore, you need to know the depth of your well to make the right decision of the pump to buy, as other pump alternatives include manual, solar, and air-driven ones.

Which Well Pressure Pump Brand Should I Buy?

Well, there are many brands in the market these days. You hardly get the best one as the best ones are few and far between. To know which one suits your needs, you should research on reputable brands.

This piece here brings you the best ones that you need to consider. Always do your homework to know what pressure requirements you need and which pump will deliver exactly that to your homestead. Read through its features, and ultimately you will walk home with a suitable one.

Warranty Services, I Need to Know More

Sellers are, in rare cases, concerned with warranty service. The manufacturer is responsible for the same. Therefore, when you buy a pump from a reputable seller, you will be provided the warranty forms along with the user manual for your well pressure tank.

If they fail to do this, they will register you to their local agent around your residence. Whenever you encounter problems with your unit, they will always be at your doorstep upon a call.

Is My Preferred Manufacturer Customer-Friendly?

The customer is always right, and when it comes to purchasing well pressure tanks, things are not different. Lots of manufacturers mar the business, and each one of them wants to have their fair share of customers; thus, they need to be good to them.

However, some may not be bowing to this, but they are missing big time. You will know them when you give them a call and ask a couple of questions. This way, many will leave their contacts on their websites, and wherever else you will easily find. It. As always, a genuine manufacturer won’t shy away from sharing their contact information.

Best Well Pressure Tank Buyer’s Guide

Final Verdict

As I am wrapping up this review for the best well pressure tank to buy this time around, there is always one that will always carry the day. All of them, however, are what you need to consider, but it all depends on your household needs.

This way, the WaterWorker HT-32B carries the day. It comes pre-installed with higher pressure, psi, which is higher than your household needs. This way, you can regulate it easily to serve the needs of your homestead.

Though it comes large, its quality is topnotch. While the other ones come in various colors, this one only comes in a single color, and that is the only drawback. As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, try this well pressure pump, and you will understand the saying.


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