How do I Choose a Water Booster Pump 2021 ? Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: July 01, 2021

Choose a Water Booster Pump

A water booster pump is an important piece of equipment that helps increase the volume and pressure of water flowing in our showerheads or faucets. If you have had the unfortunate experience of showering under a trickle, then you know the importance of increased water pressure and volume. Note that low water pressure tends to make it quite difficult to complete simple tasks such as brushing our teeth or bathing.

If you have low water pressure in your home, the best solution is to get a water booster pump. However, choosing the best booster pump is never as easy as it looks. There are so many models in the market that leave most people confused.

What you need is the right booster pump that suits your specific needs. Before we look at how to choose a water booster pump, you need to understand why you have low water pressure in your home and how a booster pump works.

Why Do You Have Low Water Pressure?

1. Distance From Water Source

Did you know that the size of your pipes and distance from your water source will affect water pressure? If your business or home is located at the end of a water supply line, the water flow will reach you while at extremely low pressure. Note that small pipes will mean that only a little water runs through the different fixtures.

2. Gravity

Gravity will either slow down or drive water flow. Understand that if the water is to be delivered at a higher point, the pressure will fall. Interestingly, a gallon of water weighs more than 8 pounds. This means that moving water up several floors or uphill is going to be a huge problem.

3. Low Water Pressure from the Local Water Plant

Sometimes, the fault might be with the local water plant. Understand that low city water pressure means that you also get low pressure in your home or building. Note that this happens more often than you might think.

4. Plumbing Problems

You might have a few plumbing issues in your home that are affecting your water pressure. Common plumbing issues such as clogged pipes will greatly affect your water pressure. Ensure you inspect your plumbing and adjust the pressure reducing valve.

How Do Booster Pumps Work?

As stated earlier, booster pumps increase water pressure. However, note that they also improve the flow rate in your building or home. Note that these booster pumps work in the same manner as an ordinary fan. The booster pump features an impeller that spins around to increase pressure and water flow.

Booster pumps contain core components such as the motor, inlet/outlet, impellers, and a pressure sensing device. Understand that water gets in through the inlet, and goes out through the outlet after being moved by the impeller.

The motor will spin the impeller to ensure that the water leaves the pump at high pressure. However, note that some booster pumps use an oscillating diaphragm while others use a spinning propeller.

Choosing the Right Water Booster Pump

Choosing the Right Water Booster Pump

1. Distance

Over what range will you be moving the water? This has to be the number one question when shopping for a booster pump. Understand that the pumps with a single impeller will not be practical if you are drawing water from a long distance.

Carefully consider the distance to help you determine the amount of power you need. Understand that a powerful booster pump will help you cover the distance moved much faster and effectively.

2. Water Source

Start by asking yourself whether the water source is situated below or above the pump. If the water source is situated below the pump, then you need to consider a more powerful model. However, if the pump is situated above, you will be better off with the less powerful models.

Note that if your home or business is located at the end of a water line, you will need a powerful water booster pump. However, understand that the high-end models will cost a fortune. The good news is that they provide long-lasting services with minimal maintenance.

3. Power

Understand that you will need to take your booster pump home. Due to this fact, you need to choose a pump that will match your power source. Most people tend to overlook this important fact and end up spending a fortune trying to find an adequate power source.

Ensure you pick a booster pump that works with a 1000W electric socket. You can easily hook it up to your power socket without having to make any adjustments. Also, understand that dealing with such a machine is relatively simple in the case of malfunctioning.

4. Construction Material

When buying a booster pump, you need to look at the construction material. Note that these booster pumps tend to cost a significant amount. It would be impractical to have to change your pump after every few years. What you want is a machine that will last for at least three or four decades.

Ensure you get a booster pump that is constructed from cast iron or stainless steel. Note that a good construction body will safeguard your pump from rust and bad weather. The corrosion-free models are the ideal choice for your home or building. Ensure you look at customer reviews to help you determine whether the construction is as strong and sturdy as described by the manufacturer.

5. Flow Rate

The flow rate is usually depicted as Gallons per minute. Start by determining the extent to which your new booster pump needs to work. You need to consider whether it is a multi-story house and how many bathrooms should it serve. This will help you determine the number of gallons per minute that is needed for your home.

Ensure you consider the number of outlets in your building or home. Note that your pump needs to comfortably accommodate all the outlets simultaneously. Notice that all nearly all faucets in your home or building run at the same time every morning.

6. Pressure Boost

How much pressure will the new pump add to the current water pressure? Note that a booster pump will add to the water pressure system that is already in place. It would help if you calculate the pressure boost that comes with the new pump.

Look for a pump with different speed levels. You will find it easier to manage your pump at different speed levels depending on your needs. You can also save a lot of energy by constantly shifting between the different speeds.


Buying the best booster pump for your home or business is never an easy task. You will need to carefully determine the amount of water pressure that you need. Start by determining the amount of pressure boost you need and the flow rate of the booster pump.

Note that every extra floor in a high-rise building dictates a pressure loss. You have to account for both vertical and friction losses when buying your booster pump. It will also help if you pick a booster pump that is constructed from durable material.

Finally, ensure you look at customer reviews to get a clear picture of what you are purchasing. Understand that customer reviews tend to give you an honest accounting of how the booster pump works.


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