How to Clean a Paint Sprayer Gun 2021 ? Guide

By Harry ! Last Updated: July 01, 2021

clean a paint sprayer gun

Most people like tools, including me-but what we hate most is cleaning them regularly. It's vitally important to clean your tools after each use. In fact, this is necessary, so it should be performed and done perfectly from time to time.

A paint sprayer gun is a vital tool that is designed to complete multiple painting projects. With a paint gun, the painting tasks will look fun, especially if you've got proper knowledge. The user can paint our numerous household things like vehicles and furniture.

Cleaning and maintenance go hand down and prolong the lifespan of a paint gun. After all your many years of painting and related tasks, there's no excuse for it. And, if there is, you must be guilty of your laziness. Also, cleaning enhances the efficiency of work.

While cleaning is simple, improper maintenance leads to exorbitant expensive repairs. So, how can you achieve this? Our step-by-step guide will list down tips on how to clean a paint sprayer gun.

Tools Needed

To kick-off, we've presented a list of the most important tools needed to rack up the job amazingly. These include:

  • Spray gun cleaner/ gun cleaning solvent
  • Parts bucket. Used to place all parts
  • Cleaning brush
  • Chemical safe gloves
  • O-ring lubricant

Step 1: Prepare your Paint Sprayer Gun for Cleaning

This is the phase face when it comes to cleaning a paint sprayer gun. There are important things you need to know and prepare your tool for the proper cleaning process. It must be ready for cleaning.

  • Ensure you turn off the power
  • Press adjustment setting on the paint sprayer. Set it at the lowest level possible.
  • Then, to make sure there's relieving of the amount of pressure to maximum, you should feel free to activate your spray gun.
  • Also, you may need to turn the prime valve to an open position.
  • Continue and remove the filter
  • Tip or remove the components

Step 2: Clean the Little/ Smaller Things First

Start by cleaning the smaller part. By this, I mean things like the filter pieces and tips. You're going to clean these accessories using a washing fluid that mostly consists of paint thinner and water. This part of work is somewhat a bit tedious. However, it should not intimidate you.

Some people prefer to soak the filters and tips while at the same time cleaning the rest part of a gun. Soaking is merely a suitable alternative or rather choice. All you need is to decide the approach of cleaning these smaller parts to achieve the best in this situation.

  • Prepare a mixture of paint thinner and water to aid you in cleaning away all particles of the paint. If you've been using a primer oil-based paint in painting, this is the remarkable thing to do.

  • Keenly clean every piece

  • If you're using a painter thinner and water or mineral spirits to spark clean your filter and tips, then it's advisable to wash them with a mild detergent and plain water. This will eliminate any paint residue. After washing each item ensure you rinse then rigorously

  • Allow the parts to dry as you clean the rest parts of your paint sprayer.

Step 3: Clean the Siphon Tube

Now it's time to remove that siphoned tube out of your paint. It's not a challenge to do it. As simple as that!

  • Gently remove that siphon tube.

  • Instantly flush out the paint contained in the tube

  • For water-based paint, flush your siphon tube using clean water. Also, you may decide to use a mild detergent and water. Flush the paint out from the tube while you rinse the tube using clean water through flushing

What if you've been using an oil-based paint to paint? In such a case, you'll need to make use of paint thinner, including mineral spirits. This helps to dissolve the paint and its particles during the process (flushing).

It's recommended that you mix water with mineral salt and flush. Still, you can use soap and water that follows after mineral spirit flushing. Once you're done with water flush and soap, rinse everything careful with pure water.

Step 4: Flush Out The Entire System

Now you need to flush it out. Since the siphon tube is out, and in the fluid, it's easier to flush out the whole system using the sprayer gun.

Turn the power source on, as you activate the trigger structure until there are signs of flushing fluid coming out of your spray gun. Do this continuously until the flushing fluid is out ultimately.

After doing that, you're done. Now you can start the process of reassembling the sprayer. Your paint sprayer gun is now remarkably clean and ready for use next time.

Note that cleaning a paint sprayer gun needs you to know parts and key components. Some models come with garden hose valves. Therefore, you can hook it right up well to your garden horse and then flush it out faster.

paint sprayer gun

Extra Maintenance

Apart from the regular cleaning of your paint sprayer gun, you need to enhance some maintenance. Among the essential things to consider is taking care of the packing kit and the piston.

The pump system comes from different brands, so make sure you read the 'manual user' to check out what should be greased and how often. Regular oiling after each job is pivotal and makes your unit run smoothly and effectively.

If your choice is the rental paint sprayer, leaving it clean is substantial. It will ensure that you're not hit by repair costs and unexpected cleaning; that way, keep it clean!

Keep Your Paint Sprayer Clean- Tricks and Tips

One important task in cleaning your paint sprayer gun is selecting the right solvent. Out there, we've a variety of solutions and solvents that facilitates the cleaning of such tools.

Nonetheless, you need a hint about the perfect solvent. When you research on the web, consider reading comments and reviews from other users. I'm confident that this clears all the doubts you could be having. You should make the right decision.

There are naturally-based cleaners out there that still perform when it comes to cleaning your paint guns. The most common is citrus-based, where d-Limonene is a primary cleaner.

It's derived from citrus trees and plants. It does a decent job of flushing out the paint gun even more than a paint remover or a standard thinner. Fortunately, it's not suitable for removing waterborne coatings. The daunting part is this method requires extra dry-time.

Your paint gun should be flushed thoroughly between the coats. More importantly, all the components should be detached and clean each with care to ensure the gun functions well. This is fruitful for your future tasks.

As there are great cleaners in the market, all it needs is the correct container to pour all the components of your paint gun. These cheap cleaner can save some dollars.

When you use the thinner or change the color, make sure you read and follow all the steps wisely. If different materials stick to the parts, again and again, your gun might not perform well.

Thinner or Water?

Should you consider a paint sprayer gun cleaner? The answer to this question is simple as yesterday. Just use tap water to flush or clean water-based things like latex. Use thinner, on the other hand, to remove oil-based such as lacquer.

Don't confuse the two because you can ruin your tool if one type is misused. Also, don't entertain heavy corrosive liquids as they may cause damage too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean A Sprayer Paint Gun After Water-Based Paint?

Indeed, water-based paints deliver quality results. They make the cleaning task to your tools extremely easy. Cleaning your tools using water-based paint requires you to use water and mild soap. Then rinse the tools diligently using clean water.

Just follow every step without omitting any, as listed above. You may decide not to use paint thinners or mineral spirits during the process. When you finish using your paint gun, clean the spray gun immediately. Water-based paints dry faster, and you'll only take a shorter time.

What Solvent Should I Use To Clean HVLP Sprayer Guns?

Cleaning an HVLP spray gun is simple as far as you follow instructions. Professionals recommend that you use a lacquer thinner. But if you want to spend less, you can consider a regular paint thinner. Also, natural gun wash material is another choice and is usually available in our local body shops.

Final Words

As we know, patience is a virtue. We've compiled the steps on how to clean a sprayer gun and why it is necessary. A simple cleaning and regular maintenance will make the tool suffice. Let cleaning be your top priority. The job is yet finished until you pretty up your paint gun.

Cleaning the gun parts and accessories will boost performance abilities and extend the years of service. If it were possible, do it immediately after each use. With that, the tool will function well next time. Finally, follow the instructions and suggestions to make the process efficient.


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