10 Tips for Painting That Will Take You from Amateur Painter to Professional

By Harry ! Last Updated: July 01, 2021

10 Tips for Painting That Will Take You from Amateur Painter to Professional

Ever thought of being an expert in painting? Well, this would rather come with a great mindset and consistency to achieve that. Any other artist would be at the forefront, striving to become a perfect painter. Therefore, to have this in order, you need to outline some factors to consider achieving your desired paint-work. Our post brings the professional painting tips and tricks to you.

At the amateur level, you get to see that one is not well exposed to perfect painting tips. This is in the instances when you are not aggressive in becoming a star in your painting career. Here are some helpful tips for painting that will take you from amateur painter to professional.

10 Tips for Painting That Will Take You from Amateur Painter to Professional

Have in Place The Perfect Painting Tools

To have your painting in order, tools to have your work done are of importance. Considering that painting is way far to a process, you need to have your time plan and bring together all the materials you need to have your work done. Prior to the workday, you can choose to have a walk-in your painting area and have in mind the surfaces in question.

With different surfaces, different painting tools are needed. Therefore, this will enable you to have in mind the correct tools you will need to have your work executed. If the need arises, you may need to determine the number of human labor you need. In such an instance, the stage plan is of key.

Come Up With a Conducive Working Environment

You are the determinant of the kind of outcome you need from your painting. Before the start off your painting work, always ensure your work of place is well lit, dust-off, and should not be messy. Consider having intense lighting, have it in the right direction, and ensure the light well suits you're your area. All you need is lighting proving a natural light.

Always ensure you clean and have all clutters removed from your painting focus area. This will enable you to have a clear painting area are avoid any obstacle. Also, you will need to clean your paintbrushes. This brings along your way of efficiency.

Furbish the Surfaces

A smooth surface will result in a flawless surface after your painting. The paint looks amazing and eye-catching on a smoothened surface. Since the goal of your painting is to have an impressive workout, you need to take your time, smoothen the surface. This is time effective, and you achieve your painting complexion.

Here, you can use different methods to have your smoothened surface. You can use base coats, filters, or skim coats. Base coats are preferable with surfaces having minor cracks. With surfaces having larger faultiness, the skim coat would be of use. Filters would aid on those surfaces with small holes.

Secure Objects That Don't Need Painting

In case your workplace is an occupied room, then covering your property should be a priority. Regardless of being too much careful during painting, paint spills are unavoidable. Therefore, floors and any other objects such as furniture and electronics need to be covered to avoid paint-spills problems.

To have this in order, you need clothes to cover the surfaces and equipment. Alternatively, you can have your furniture assembled in one area and wrap it using plastic sheets. The sheets should be taped at their bottom surface area. The furniture is not only protected from paint spills but also dust.

Make Use of a Primer

Where the surface to be painted is rough and got cracks, using a primer would be of no regret. If, for instance, you chose painting without the primer, the surface will suffer from flashing. This is a condition where the moisture will be sucked out of the paint. Hence the surface ends up appearing dull.

So, be wise and prefer using a primer for your painting. To be a professional painter, consider using tinted gray color to a plain primer. Alternatively, use a color close in appearance with your finishing-paint.

Pros apply this idea for their smart outcome. Tinted primer gives a better outlook to plain primer since it fully covers any existing paint. Also, you will only require fewer paint coats during your painting.

Make use of a primer

Boxing The Paints

A uniform color while painting is of significance. This is of key importance since it keeps your painting color consistent all through your painting process. Therefore, to avoid the cumbersomeness of using each paint one after the other, have all the paints mixed in a clean bucket.

The paint should be thoroughly mixed until a smooth uniform color is acquired. You may not be in a position to differentiate the difference between colors despite them being manufactured by one manufacture. Therefore having them mixed is a wise idea. Use a wooden stick to stir the paint.

Have Your Trim Painted

Despite the need to have your walls painted, consider the trim around. Having the trim painted will enable your work to appear much organized and well done. To become a professional painter, such areas should not be left out.

Painting the trim will give your room an excellent look and uniformity in color complexion in the room. Once you have your trim done and dry, have it taped and get ready for walls painting.

Take Precautions With The Wet Edges

At times during painting, lap marks may occur as you paint. For instance, rolling the paint against the drying paint. Taking precautions would make your work easier by preventing redoing your paint. To avoid such problems, its advisable to paint your wall into small bits.

Always any time before you roll the brush, make sure the brush is dipped in the paint. This is a bright idea to avoid laps from occurring.

Make Use of The Appropriate Rollers

Having chosen the right roller, you need to have no doubts about your outcome. You can prefer to use a pole extension to enable your surfaces fully painted and paint a large area. With this, you only use less energy to do your work.

In some cases, while painting the ceiling, you need a roller. As you paint, remember lap marks are prone to occur, so have the roller rolled in different directions to avoid that. No pressure is needed while using the roller hence making work easier.

Have an Organized Painting Mode

To paint like a pro, you need to paint from top to bottom. Put into practice painting down the wall to avoid paint spills all over. It's more smarter when you apply light coats severally to painting a heavy-duty paint. Ensure the existing coat is dried before adding another coat.

Before you think of painting the next wall, have the wall you are working on entirely done and leave it to dry. This is because going back to an already drying wall would cause some color streaks hence interfering with your work.


Since becoming a pro in painting is a fulltime course, we have your back at ensuring your way of painting improves. Therefore, we decided to have the tips above for your convenience and also improve your level of painting. Having the assurance that now you have room for improvement, becoming a professional should be your next step.

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